Police officer to enter plea in fatal crash

justice31 Police officer to enter plea in fatal crash

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The Sunset Hills Police officer blamed for the death of four college students in a wrong-way, drunk driving crash is expected to enter a guilty plea this week. 

The St. Louis County Prosecutor’s office says former officer Christine Miller is scheduled to enter a “blind plea” on Thursday.  Miller is charged with four felony counts of involuntary manslaughter, stemming from the March 2009 crash that killed four college students from India.  

A blind plea means she does not have an agreement with the prosecutor.  No sentence has been recommended.  Throwing herself on the mercy of the judge she could get from probation, to life in prison, or something in between. 

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  • stuzooman

    Let’s figure this out….A sworn police officer, who has probably worked crash scenses before..seen what drunk drivers do to innocent victims… Got the picture.

    Is a cop more culpable than an ordinary drunk? I personally think so, they have lived the results caused by other drunks.

    She went out and got plastered, drunk so drunk she could bearly walk.

    Life in prison is too good for this person. I don’t like the idea of paying her room and board for the rest of her life even if that cost is in the worst conditions of any prison in the USA (which it isn’t).

    The only “saving grace,” is that the Missouri Parole Board does not believe that LIFE IN PRISON, means what it says. Sweet little Christine Miller, will be on the streets to maim and murder in a 25-30 years, and guess what those 4 college kids, will still be dead.

    Shoud Missouri abolish the death penalty? Yes, IF AND ONLY IF LIFE IN PRISON MEANT LIFE. The parole board has found too many extenuating circumstances, to change the will of the jury.

    I cannot think of anything more premeditated than spending hours getting as drunk as a skunk, and then getting into a car, driving for a period of time and murdering 4 college kids.

    Ms. Miller should if there were equity get the needle and save the state the money for her care.

  • JMarra

    Does the prosecutor’s office have the only authority to grant a blind plea, or can anyone make it? That would seem to indicate that the prosecutor wants, like Pontius Pilate, to wash his hands of recommending punishment. He’ll be seen either as too lenient or set himself in opposition to the Blue Wall. I think he’s more afraid of cop retribution than public outrage–so he’ll leave it up to a judge to decide her sentence. Judge will probably be as lenient as a tender father and may be a recalcitrant drunk himself. You never know.

    • stuzooman

      It will be interesting to see what the judge gives a cop who MURDERED 4 STUDENTS for drunken driving.

      Yes the prosecutor’s office made the decision.

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