Police: Beware pickpockets during holiday shopping

CHICAGO (AP) __ If you’re headed to Chicago to do some holiday shopping, police say be on the lookout for pickpockets.
Police are stepping up patrols around State Street and Michigan Avenue to help with traffic and aid shoppers. Police teams that
specialize in detecting pickpocket scams will be in these areas.  They’ll also ride buses and trains during holidays.  Pickpockets may try to distract victims by dropping loose change, fainting or bumping into someone before grabbing a purse or wallet.
Police advise shoppers to lock packages and other valuables in the trunk of a car. Don’t leave them on the car seat where they can
be seen. It’s also best not to carry personal information that could contribute to identity theft. This includes Social Security number,
old credit cards and ATM receipts.

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  • stuzooman

    Pick Pockets in Chicago and Murderers in St. Louis, let me think…. give me the pick pockets any day.

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