St. Louis vs. Charlotte for 2012 DNC

untitled10 St. Louis vs. Charlotte for 2012 DNC

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — The stakes are raised as St. Louis becomes a forerunner and possible could take the Democratic National Convention in 2012. says insiders in the selection process believe it has come down to a choice between St. Louis and Charlotte, N.C., with the other two finalist cities; Minneapolis and Cleveland no longer being considered.

All four cities have pluses and minuses when it come to the logistical and political considerations.

But Minneapolis seemed less appealing largely because the Republican National Convention in 2008 was held in St. Paul, and sites Cleveland’s conventions facilities as subpar.

St. Louis’ bid comes at a time of political uncertainty as the swing state seems increasingly Republican. Republican Roy Blunt easily won the state’s 2010 Senate election last month, and some wonder if first-term Democratic Senator, and one of President Obama’s closes friends Claire McCaskill will get reelected in 2012. touts Missouri proximity to Obama’s homestate and allies as Sen. Dick Durbin and Chicago Mayor Richard Daley could make St. Louis a clear choice to host the convention.

Charlotte’s backers tout the city as a bold move staking a claim in the ‘New South.’

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  • mulligan1

    But St. Louis is a safe city, we have no crime here, that is what the major says!

    I hope the D’s cannot read the papers, or they will quickly realize that they are taking their lives in their own hands coming to this town.

    Then again, if our citizen’s treat the visitors like their neighbors, then the R’s will win, since the D’s will be shot dead.

  • Ed Golterman

    The ‘knock’ on our airport floating around the internet is written by a Charlotte reporter. May be they are a bit ‘nervous’.

    The long-term benefit if we get it-the City will be compelled to restore its civic center, which is west of Tucker. The City was ‘dragging’ itsr feet completing City Hall, but finished it in time for the World’s Fair. City built the MUNY in time for an international Ad Clubs Convention. City Hall and MUNY are here a hundred years later, after the ‘lights were turned off’.

    That’s the value-what we offer AFTER they leave.

  • Bryson Yaroks

    Charlotte is a very safe city (mullihan1)… For such a large city it is very safe… Charlotte is the New South and its a perfect city to hold the 2012 DNC. It’s an unprecedented opportunity to show the world what an energetic, innovative and diverse city charlotte has become…

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    […] would mean millions of dollars for the local economy and hours of national exposure. Previously, it had been reported that St. Louis and Charlotte were the favorites for the 2012 convention. St. Louis party officials […]

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