911 tape released on Busch mansion death

adrienne martin 3 911 tape released on Busch mansion death

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FRONTENAC, Mo. (KMOX) – Police have released the 911 recording of a call from the estate of August Busch IV on the death of 27-year-old Adrienne Martin, found dead in Busch’s mansion last Sunday. 

The person calling is Michael Jung, a Busch family employee. Here’s a transcript of the call:

Operator: Emergency 9-1-1

Michael Jung: We need an ambulance at 2032 South Lindbergh.

O: Is that a residence or business?

MJ: Residence

O: Okay, what’s the problem?

MJ: This girl’s just not waking up.

O: Is she breathing?

MJ: We don’t know. It’s dark back there. I’m gonna get a light and try and see.

O: Okay, I’ll get them going right away. 

Frontenac Police Chief Thomas Becker says the investigation continues, by his department and the county medical examiner’s office.  The medical examiner says autopsy results are inconclusive.  Police also confirm that August Busch the Fourth, who’d been dating Martin, was in the home at the time.

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  • moreofthesame

    Who opened the door for the medic’s, the attorney?

    • jill

      Agreed. former husband now alleges that the deceased had a heart problem but I am sure there is no prior record of said heart problem. Many questions will be eternally unanswered.

  • elwood

    ‘Its dark back there’? Where do people on the Busch estate sleep in the horse stalls? ‘I’m gonna get a light and try and see’? Do they use candles on the estate? How about flipping the light switch to the ‘on’ position. Sounds like an odd conversation.

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