Total Information AM – Tuesday, February 8th

998690441 Total Information AM   Tuesday, February 8th

U.S. Representative Russ Carnahan is upset with what appears to be another problem with improperly sterilized items at the John Cochran V.A. Medical Center.

 Total Information AM   Tuesday, February 8th

He’s the man who coined the phrase “population bomb”.  Professor Paul Ehrlich spoke with us about what he thinks is the next big threat to planet Earth.

matt roush Total Information AM   Tuesday, February 8th

TV Guide’s Matt Roush talked with us about the record breaking Super Bowl ratings, Glee and The Chicago Code.

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  • Virgil Kupfer

    Your site sucks. I wanted to leave a birthday notice for the morning show and it is no where to be found. You have pages all kinds of stuff, no direct way to fill out a birthday annoucement
    Virgil Kuipfer

    • Doug McElvein


      At one point we had all the necessary information listed on the TIAM page. That has disappeared for some reason. I’ll look into it. For the time being send the name and other information to:


      Doug McElvein

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