Veterans “Fear for Their Lives” at Cochran says Congressman

Bill Reker

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The words are getting more strident as criticism of the John Cochran V.A. Medical Center continues to grow.

You can add Congressman Todd Akin’s latest comments to Congressman Russ Carnahan’s calling Cochran a “national disgrace.”

In a letter to the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs, Akin writes: ” I know of veterans in my district that now travel hours our of their way to seek treatment at other Veterans hospitals because they actually fear for their lives.”

Congressman Akin went on to tell the V.A. Affairs Secretary he cannot in good conscience seek additional funding or support expansion programs at Cochran until there is serious reform including holding senior staff accountable.

Akin wrote: “If John Cochran were a ship or a military unit, the commander would have already been relieved  and a comprehensive Inspector General Investigation would have already been launched.”

Surgeries are still not being performed at the Cochran Medical Center following the reports last week of contamination of surgical instrument trays.

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  • Jeff

    The Administration particularly executives control their budgets like fiefdoms. They care about their country club fees but forget about us Vets.

  • GW

    Who ever heard of an RN being a medical center director?

    • RehabRN


      Anyone can be a hospital admin with experience and a MHA degree.

  • Jana Wood

    This is unacceptable. Our Veterans have giving their lives for their Country and now YOU are taking them…..

  • Andrew Zebrun III

    Our brave veterans deserve better treatment! We the people demand veterans get the treatment they need to resume their lives after suffering so greatly for our country!

  • kathy Pound

    Had a colonoscopy and was wide awake during the whole procedure. It was painful and traumaic. I am glad that I moved and no longer recieve care there. I hope that there is something that can be done for other veterans

    • Joshua

      I had the same exact experience. Wide awake and the doctors were making jokes the whole time, not fun!

  • judy Lavoie

    My late husband had surgery at the AVAMC. It’s no better. The clinics need full investigations. To many people there for a pay check and not doing theior job. The employees are there to look good instead of working. I was there for a few hours and could see this. Why can”t the administration see this? Seems they may be looking the other way. So sad for our men and women Who serve our country. Arm Forces you deserve sooo much better.Wake up people and take care of our VETERANS who take care of us.

  • Gary Ragle

    Our administration knows this is going, & has for years, yet they do nothing. I have been going to Cochran for over 20 some odd years.There are some who care, but I belileve most just want a govtm,t job.I always hear the staff complaing about other staff & doctors, or they just cant wait to get off shift. VERY FEW seem to really care about the veterans, WE are runl thru the system like cattle. WE VETS deserve better. Our youg soldiers & families deserve better. How long will it take to correct? Another 20 or 30 years???? WE need help America.!!!!

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