Hancock and Kelley – Monday, February 14th

Investing into Red Light Cameras
John Hancock and Michael Kelley step in for Mark Reardon this afternoon to discuss just how effective red light cameras are. Joining John and Mike are Hazelwood Police Chief Carl Wolf and David Kelly with the National Coalition for Safer Roads.

A New Budget Plan
Missouri Senator Roy Blunt joins John and Mike to talk about the President’s new budget plan.

Hall of Famer Weighs in on Pujols Negotiations
Hall of famer sportswriter Rick Hummel with the St. Louis Post Dispatch gives us his thoughts on the contract negotiations between the Cardinals and Albert Pujols.

  • Dalgor

    Listened to this part of your program and found that both your guests were pro red light cameras. It was a blatant advertisement for them and unworthy as journalism. I’ve read where the majority of red light tickets are for “right turn on red” violations. If “safety” is the big issue, your guests could have been asked “How many accidents involving right turn on red were there before and after red light camera installation at an intersection?” Then there is the Supreme Court of Missouri finding that red light camera ordinances are illegal. That was never brought up. What about the length of the yellow light at an intersection? (Some cities actually shorten the length to get more tickets generated!) Rear end collisions increased at intersections with the cameras…didn’t ask about that either! You could have had a guest knowledgable concerning not having these cameras, but, no, that apparently is not your agenda. What a waste of air time.

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