Emerson, Carnahan Plan Forum on Civility

ST. LOUIS (AP) — Many political observers believe civil discourse is a thing of the past in Congress. Two House members from Missouri say they want to change that.

Democrat Russ Carnahan and Republican Jo Ann Emerson are holding a forum Feb. 24 at Washington University in St. Louis to emphasize the importance of civil discourse.

Carnahan says there’s nothing wrong with vigorous debate, but too often it becomes overheated, making it difficult to talk through issues.

Emerson says the ability to accomplish goals in Congress depends on an environment that fosters consensus. She says America is best served by those who can listen as well as speak.

Carnahan and Emerson co-chair the Center Aisle Caucus, a bipartisan group of representatives who seek to build relationships and discuss policy issues.

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  • Mark Fanger

    Civility is only proper discourse when liberals get their way. When liberals are challenged in any way, they resort to name calling, demagoguery, and violence. This is a scam, because liberaliism (communism) is dead and they know it. God Bless America

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