Proposal Would Fund MO Schools With Stimulus Money

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) –  The Missouri House is to begin debate soon on a plan to use $189 million of additional federal stimulus money for public schools.

The House plan would use some of that money to offset shortfalls in casino tax revenues that were to go to schools.

But most of the additional federal money would be used to offset state revenues already budgeted for schools this year — allowing the state money to be saved and distributed to schools next year.

House Majority Leader Tim Jones said the chamber could debate the legislation as soon as Tuesday.

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  • Anonymoustoyou

    The dependence on federal money to fund schools has proven to be a band aid in the problem of school finances. What’s going to happen when there is no stimulus money next year? What happens when the 9 Million Federal grant runs out that is funding the Longitudinal Data System DESE is installing? The shortfall is $1.4 million. DESE says this will come from state funding. Really?? There is no more money! One minor point, the LDS was mandated by the Feds to receive other stimulus money. When you take money from the Feds, they own you. The Republicans are caving into more Federal Control. This $189 Million is no “gift”. It’s Pandora’s box. If Tim Jones was a true leader, he wouldn’t allow it to the floor.

  • CultureVigilante

    The sad reality here is that “education” has become America’s largest entitlement program and it is bankrupting the government and the culture. The idea that legislators have to rob Peter to pay Paul, or put bandaids on situations until they can scramble to figure out their next move is a travesty of the government and its service to the people. Its time for the government to get out of the way and get out education business. Let it go private. And Anonymous, you are dead on about Tim Jones. He appears to be exacerbating the problem. He is no leader.

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