Ted Drewes, Augusta Winery Hard Hit by Storms

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – A business that’s long been a St. Louis icon and a symbol of Missouri’s wine country felt the wrath of Sunday night’s storms.

“It was just so startling to see it,” says KMOX reporter Maria Keena. “You’re driving down Chippewa Avenue and you’re so used to seeing Ted Drewes there, then you realize, something’s wrong with that building.”

The frozen custard stand in the 67-hundred block of Chippewa, a landmark for area residents since the 1940s, sustained structural damage as the powerful storms swept through. “An entire portion of the roof is just completely bent back,” explains Keena. Most the damage appears to be confined to the awning bordering the building, but the full extent of what needs to be repaired won’t be known until later today.

Meantime, highway crews had to bring out their winter snow removal equipment to clear debris from Highway 94 near Augusta. “We had several large trees that werer blocking the roadways, keeping the recovery crews from going through,” according to Dispatcher Mary Ann Rodeman. “Some of the trees were so big they had to use snow plows to help clear the roadways.”

Rodeman tells KMOX the heaviest damage was to the Belducci Winery, which lost its roof. There were no injuries.

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    thanks for pre- information

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    What is “pre-information?” It’s either information, or it’s not.

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