Charlie Brennan – Thursday, March 10th

Charlie talks with The Honorable Donald Rumsfeld, the 13th Secretary
of Defense under President Gerald Ford and 21st Secretary of Defense under President George W. Bush, about Rumsfeld’s new book, “Known and Unknown: A Memoir”.

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  • Henry V. Taber

    Charlie: I normally like listening to your show. However, today you treated your callers with disdain and talked over them and used straw man fallacies to divert the caller from the points they wanted to make. And it wasn’t just one caller, it was multiple callers that you abused in that fashion. As the Wisconsin mob would say: “shame, shame, shame!”

    From now on, state that you will only allow callers to support your point of view and will be bullying anyone who is contrary to your opinions. At least you will then be honest with your audience.

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