Pro-Union Forces Rally Downtown

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – A fired-up crowd of union workers, staged a “Wisconsin-style” protest in Kiener Plaza, Friday night — worried about  job security.

Shouts of “What time is it? Union time !!!” could be heard throughout.  

“I’ll give up my union card when you pry it from my cold dead hand,” one man wrote on a giant, yellow poster board.

Other signs said: “Hamburger or Heating Oil?” and called the middle class an endangered species.

“Let’s face it, we teach the future of the country, and if they don’t get a good education, the country’s going to go down the tubes. And, that’s a bad, bad thing,” said one union teacher.

Many teachers were there, expressing concern about losing their tenure.

Some attendees were worried about right-to-work, as well as efforts to weaken child labor laws and lower the minimum wage. “It’s about making sure we have a middle class. Everything in this country is balanced on the back of the middle class,” one man said.

Organizers had predicted a turnout of 2,000, but say more than 4,000 showed up.

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