’04 Ads Show McCaskill Lambasted Holden for Jet Use

Justin Wingerter

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Amid revelations that Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill received public reimbursement for trips made on the Pilatus PC-12 private plane her and her husband own comes a blast from the past: attack ads made by the McCaskill campaign during her successful primary run in 2004.

McCaskill’s point of contention with Democratic governor Bob Holden? Reimbursement he received from flights Holden took on his state-funded plane.

The ads, first made public by Politico.com, accuse Holden of taking “over 300 taxpayer-funded trips on a state airplane.”

One, parodying a popular Mastercard ad campaign, lambasts the governor for “lavish” spending and flights costing over $1,000 per hour.

“Replacing him with a Democrat who will win in December: priceless.”

A third video – seen below – shows McCaskill targeting “millions wasted on bureaucracy and perks.”

To compare, McCaskill is believed to have billed her Senate office for 89 chartered flights while Holden allegedly took over 300 trips on a state-owned plane. Holden faced heat from critics after charging more than $80,000 for flights in his first 6 months in office. McCaskill, meanwhile, recently made headlines for paying to the U.S. Treasury the $88,000 in taxpayer funds she has allegedly spent on private flights since 2007.

McCaskill defeated Holden in the 2004 Democratic primary before losing to Matt Blunt in the gubernatorial election that November. Two years later she was elected to the U.S. Senate following a narrow victory over Republican Jim Talent.

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  • Edward Bear

    Wow. KMOX actually running a story critical of McCaskill? Will wonders never cease? Too bad they did everything they could in 2005-6 to get her elected, including spiking such stories as this back then.

    Oh well. I guess the big thing is that McCaskill has lost KMOX, and she is probably thinking, “If I’ve lost KMOX…”

  • chris

    Our “budget Hawk” claire has really shown her true colors. Not only did she ignore MO voters when we told her over and over we wanted her to vote against the health care reform bill now we find out she is a tax cheat in trouble with the ethics committee. Time for a “change” in Missouri in 2012. Anybody but Claire for senator in 2012.

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