Health Officials Keep Tabs on Local Radiation Levels

Fred Bodimer

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – No elevated radiation found in Missouri rainwater, resulting from Japan’s nuclear disaster.

That’s according to health officials in the state. Miniscule amounts of radiation — believed linked to the nuclear power plant disaster in Japan — have been found in rainwater samples in parts of Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Washington. But nothing here so far.

The Missouri Health Department’s Jacqueline LaPine says the state is working with the EPA to continue monitoring the situation. “They test for a variety of things,” LaPain says.”That includes drinking water, milk, precipitation and also air.”

Health officials add that Americans are exposed to radiation from sources like the sun, rocks and bricks with doses that are one hundred thousand times higher than what has been detected in parts of the U.S. coming from Japan.

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  • Don

    Don from IL here… Dusted off my Geiger counter & tested the snow last week and WOW… at least 3 times the background. And mine is a beta/gamma tester. Getting my iodine from seaweed. Yum. At least they have admitted it, but I’m not convinced “officials” are 100% honest about the levels.

    • leisa zigman

      don, can you contact me?

  • Ingot

    Yeah, they say there is nothing showing in the rainwater in MO, but then the EPA, which has no rainwater data at all for MO, says that on 4/20 in Jefferson City, there were 3 pCi/l found in milk.

  • W. Cox

    Radiation every where.. rain water, milk food

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