Turkeys Slaughtered to Stop Avian Flu

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (AP) __ Thousands of young turkeys at a southwest Missouri poultry farm will be slaughtered to prevent the spread of avian flu.

The farm in Polk County raises turkeys for Cargill, which says up to 15,000 infected young birds would be killed and buried Friday. The farm was quarantined after routine tests detected the disease.

Cargill spokesman Mike Miller told the Springfield News-Leader the goal is to protect other flocks from the viral disease. Miller says federal agriculture officials found no sign of the flu in 13,000 adult turkeys at the farm.

Missouri agriculture officials say humans are rarely affected by the strain of avian flu found at the farm. Cargill declined to give its location, to keep the curious from showing up and possibly spreading the disease.
Information from: Springfield News-Leader,

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    […] This leads to a system of differential equations. The basic reproduction number is significant: where is the recovery rate and is the death rate. Note: if then the disease will die off; if it is greater than 1 we have a pandemic. We can reduce this by reducing (vaccination or quarantine), increasing recovery or, yes, increasing the death rate (as we do with livestock; remember the massive poultry slaughters to stop the spread of flu). […]

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