Young Professionals Flock to St. Louis City

Michael Calhoun

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Young professionals here, according to the latest figures, are shunning the suburbs and opting for a more urban lifestyle.

The city of St. Louis notched a overall population loss in the last Census, but the number of college-educated residents aged 25-to-34 years old shot up by 87-percent.

That is the largest increase of any city in the country.

Nationally, the growth of young professionals moving into city centers was 26-percent, while the number choosing to live in the suburbs grew by 13-percent.

The young professional population of the St. Louis suburbs rose 16-percent.

St. Louis’ population loss took city leaders by surprise, who’d pointed to the prominence of south city house rehabs, expensive luxury condos near Forest Park and the loft building boom around the central business district.

Bachelor’s degree-holding youngsters are, apparently, behind much of that progress. The areas included in that 87-percent increase include downtown, Soulard, Lafayette Square, Tower Grove Park and the Central West End.

Here’s a potential catch: approximately 22,000 of those leaving St. Louis in the last decade were children. Will the city’s newest residents stick it out once their families grow and schooling becomes a concern?

The data was compiled by “CEOs for Cities” and reported by USA Today.

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  • charlie

    This is the single greatest news I’ve heard about the region in years. Impressive that St. Louis managed to grow in this key demographic in the backwards state of Missouri and in this stagnant national economy. The number was probably ever larger before Wall Street crashed the economy in 2008.

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