St. Clair County Investigating Voter Fraud Allegations

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – St. Clair County officials are once again looking into possibile voter fraud in local elections. 

County Clerk Bob Delaney tells the Belleville News Democrat his office and the office of State’s Attorney Brendan Kelly have found hundreds of suspected fraudulent voting addresses and questionable absentee ballots and applications in Cahokia, Centreville and Washington Park.   

Delaney says an investigation into more than 1,000 absentee ballot applications from Cahokia and Centreville should be completed by Monday.

Two years ago two members of Cahokia’s village board plead guilty to charges of voter fraud.  They were fined and placed on probation. 

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  • Karen Diers

    and those that were found guilty of voter fraud are now judges for the Mayor election on Tuesday.

  • J.Nichols

    Some people in Cahokia went to jail for only Ten day,what a JOKE, now they are out laughing at the States Attorney’s Office and in the April 5 did it once more. Let see what they do with all the vote fraud bad absentee’s in Centreville. Will they sweep this election under the rug or find to source and dill with it.

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