Protestor Dogs Governor Nixon for his Overturning of Puppy Mill Law

Kevin Killeen

ST. LOUIS–(KMOX)–Missouri Governor Jay Nixon’s appearance in St. Louis to veto a bill on workplace discrimination draws fire from a protestor upset over another issue —  puppy mills.

Voters statewide approved Proposition B in November, which put new limits on dog breeders to prevent overcrowding dogs in cages and other inhumane conditions.

Holding his sign across the street from Nixon’s veto ceremony,  protestor Michael Kiepe is a political science student at the University of Missouri St. Louis. 

“His signing of a bill that nullifies a ballot initiative, to me, goes against the spirit and letter of Missouri Constitutional law, and damages the social contract, which in our day and age is more important than ever,” Kiepe said. 

Nixon defended his decision to go against the will of Missouri voters. 

“The voters spoke, but the voters didn’t have the authority to put resources in,” Nixon said.   Nixon also noted that members of the legislature from both parties supported the changes, as well as the Humane Society.  

But Kiepe isn’t satisfied.

“By nullifying that law it tells me that my vote really doesn’t count on this issue,” Kiepe said,  “This wasn’t a rider on an amendment on a bill in committee.  This is law.”

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