Naked PETA Protestors Bring Anti-Meat Message to U. City

Brett Blume

peta Naked PETA Protestors Bring Anti Meat Message to U. City
UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. (KMOX) –  Two nearly-naked women drew plenty of attention Wednesday as they stood on a raised platform near a University City intersection.

And that was the idea according to PETA spokesperson Virginia Fort, as they work to spread their message that “Meat is Murder”.

“When people see facts and figures, it doesn’t really catch their eye,” Fort explained to KMOX News as a group of men stood nearby, chatting up the barenaked ladies.  “When you see two ladies who are standing on a street corner with nothing on but some markings, it grabs their attention.”


The models had dashed lines written on them, designating different parts of their bodies such as “flank”, “ribs” and “loin”, suggesting that if you wouldn’t do that to a human, you shouldn’t do it to an animal.

They held up a sign saying “All Animals Have the Same Parts — Go Vegan”.

Fort claimed that factory farms confine animals to filthy, cramped cages, then feed them a steady diet of mass-building drugs before packing them off to the slaughterhouse.

She said chickens, pigs and cows are killed without any form of pain relief — all in the name of feeding humans.

“We have two million members and supporters worldwide, with more and more every day,” Fort said as she handed out all-veggie recipes to passers-by.  “The more people who are asking for vegetarian and vegan options, the more availability there will be.”

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