High Oil Prices Will Have Little Effect on Holiday Weekend

Travis Zimpfer

Stock the cooler with some ice cold drinks, pull out that swimsuit that’s sure to turn heads and buy that sunscreen in bulk – it’s Memorial Day Weekend, but expensive fuel prices could certainly dampen your next few days off.

However, AAA is still expecting a lot of vacationers despite the high cost of energy.

“This year, we’re anticipating a similar number of travelers that we saw back in 2010,” Mike Right, a spokesman for AAA, said.

“We’re anticipating, nationwide, 34.9 million Americans traveling.” That number is up two-tenths of a percent from last year despite an increase of a dollar at the pump around the country even with a significant drop in prices in the last month. This time last year, gas cost about $2.60 per gallon in St. Louis. Now, it’s $3.59.

But Right suggests that savings will still play an important part in this weekend’s festivities.

“We’re anticipating the expenditure of the weekend outings to come in at around $692,” he said. “That’s down from last year when it was $809.

“I think there’s been some pent-up demand, and I think people are looking to economize on their trips rather than forgo their trips.”

There are also plenty of ways to get the most out of your gas like driving the speed limit and properly inflating your tires.

  • Vugvee

    With gas prices soaring like they are, I wont be doing anything!


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    High Oil Prices Will Have Little Effect on Holiday Weekend « CBS St. Louis

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