Blagojevich To Spend Third Day On Witness Stand

CHICAGO (AP) –  Ousted Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich is set to return to the witness stand for a third day Tuesday at his
political corruption retrial, which is now heading into its fifth week of testimony.

Blagojevich is getting closer to addressing the most notorious allegation he faces, that he sought to sell or trade President
Barack Obama’s U.S. Senate seat in exchange for campaign donations or a high-profile job.

His explanation of what he may have meant in conversations — secretly recorded by the FBI — about benefiting from his power to appoint someone to the seat has been much-anticipated.

But it may have to wait a day or two more.

Blagojevich, who denies any wrongdoing, is expected to talk more Tuesday about allegations that he attempted to shake down executives for campaign donations by threatening state decisions that could hurt their businesses.

During his testimony Friday, the focus was on a charge that he tried to squeeze a racetrack owner for money.

But there are other accusations that he hasn’t spoken about in depth: His alleged bid to pressure a children’s hospital CEO for
political donations and a similar alleged squeeze on a roadway-construction executive.



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  • John

    oh yea! it is feieerzeng back up here in Wisconsin! good thing you were able to get a bit further south!! i slipped on some ice yesterday and fell hip first into the frozen staircase of Memorial Library, after stepping though snow drifts in my high heels and interview outfit! i had to soak my toes in warm, then hot water for quite a while after that. but it is even colder today than it was yesterday! i am so jealous of your south bound journey!

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