Congressman Akin says He Broke No Voting Laws

Kevin Killeen

ST. LOUIS–(KMOX)–Missouri Congressman — and U-S Senate hopeful — Todd Akin is responding to reports he has been living in Wildwood while voting in Town and Country.

The Post-Dispatch is reporting that Akin has cast a ballot ten times in Town and Country since buying a home in Wildwood in 2007.    At issue is whether Akin may have committed a felony when he signed absentee ballots, swearing to the accuracy of his address in Town and Country. 

“Basically, we’re living in both places,” Akin told KMOX’s Mark Reardon.  “The old family homestead, we’ve been there about fifty some years, and we’re in the process of transferring over to a location in Wildwood.”

The Post Dispatch report questioned whether Akin’s transition is still a work in progress, or something he completed long ago, as Town and Country neighbors were quoted as saying the Akin house “appeared vacant.”   Akin had reportedly refused to talk to the Post about their story. 

Akin explained to KMOX that he’s been taking care of the lawns,  and keeping an eye on the place, so it doesn’t run down.  

“That’s where my drivers licence is, where the cars are registered,” Akin said, “That’s where our mail is at the mail box there.  Utilities and everything are all on there.   I suppose you’d say it’s a judgement call.   We stay at both places and move back and forth.”

Akin says the 8.5 acre Town and Country property is now on a “fast track” to be bulldozed and subdivided into six lots.   And he insists his voting there broke no laws.

“The law recognizes that you identify your location,” Akin said, “And you can leave that, if you’re living in two places.  Basically, anybody that lives in Congress is living back and forth.”

KMOX placed several calls to Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan’s office seeking comment.  Spokeswoman Laura Eggerdal was not available. 

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