Domestic Partners Register in University City

Kevin Killeen
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KMOX/Michael Calhoun/File

KMOX/Michael Calhoun/File

ST. LOUIS–(KMOX)– A new law allowing domestic partners to register as “couples” took effect in University City this morning.    City Clerk Joyce Pumm says so far three couples — two sets of gay men and one lesbian couple — have registered. 

“One couple told me this is the happiest day of their life,”Pumm said, “They’ve lived here in University City for 30 years, and they were together 29 years.”

Pumm says the law carries more symbolic than practical benefit.   It allows couples to qualify for a family rate at the U-City recreation center.   If there were a hospital in U-City, it would allow couples to visit each other when only “next of kin are allowed.”

“It’s just the recognition by the rest of society that they are a couple,” Pumm said, “and they should be honored as a couple.   The two gentlemen who came in first said they thought they were the only ones in U-City.”

The registration fee is $45 per couple. 

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