KMOX Money Show with Mike Brown – Saturday, June 11th

In the opening hour Mike discusses AA bonds, IRAs, gold coins and more.

In the second hour of the KMOX Money Show, Mike takes calls on government spending, risk-taking in investing and more.

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  • steve Rosenberg

    Hello Mike my name is steve Rosenberg. Iwas wondering if you do any pubic speaking. I am 1st vice presdent and program directer of the creve couer township club democratic club . I was wondering If you could come to speak to our club on september 13th 7:30pm at the creve coeur government center 300 N. new ballas rd. The discussion would be on the enomy and what we can expect in the coming year. I will not be there i will be outof town for this meeting but our presdent will handle the meeting his name is Stan edelstien you can call me before this meeting at 314-276 -8006 this is my cell number. I would like to talk to you before i go on my trip. please call me when you have time. Thank you very much thank you Steve Rosenberg.

  • Roy Baum

    Could you provide me with the website you mentioned yesteday on your show to subscribe to your E-lett er.I really enjoy your show.

    THank you.

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