“Super 8” the Sleeper Hit of the Summer

Harry Hamm

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“Super 8” is the most enjoyable and endearing film of the summer of 2011, and perhaps of the entire year. Writer & director J. J. Abrams has crafted a movie that is a marvel.

Set in a mall town in Ohio in 1979, it follows the adventures of a  group of middle-school boys (and one girl, played by Elle Fanning) who are making a home movie about zombies. As they are preparing to shoot a pivotal scene at a local train station late at night, a freight train comes barreling through the station and derails. The boys get most of it on film, including a mysterious occurrence involving a strange sound and a mysterious presence they can’t identify. Soon the Air Force is all over the little village, as the mystery deepens and becomes supremely threatening to everyone in the little burg.

super 3 Super 8 the Sleeper Hit of the Summer

There’s also another important element in the movie about one of the boys and his father, who is a local deputy sheriff. The boy’s Mom has just been killed in an accident in a steel mill after she had taken a shift over for another employee who is a chronic drunk. Fanning plays the daughter of that man, so obviously it sets up a lot of issues that need to be worked out.

“Super 8” has a sense of youthful adventure and wonderful escapism I haven’t seen since “E.T.” It has hope, a dash of spirituality and a heart as big as the theater you’ll see it in.

“Super 8” is the movie not to be missed this summer. Rated PG-13, it is acceptable for the entire family.

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