Illinois Concealed Carry; Not Likely says the Governor

Nick Gale, IRN/KMOX

SPRINGFIELD, Il. (IRN/KMOX) – Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn is standing by his views that citizens should not be allowed to carry concealed handguns, despite Illinois being on the cusp of being the only state in the nation to have such a ban.

Illinois and Wisconsin are the only states that have a ban on carrying concealed handguns, but Wisconsin will likely join 48 other states in allowing concealed carry, leaving Illinois as the only state in the nation with such a ban. Earlier this week, lawmakers in Wisconsin passed legislation that would allow some residents to carry concealed handguns. The bill is expected to be signed by the governor there.

Asked if residents of Illinois would have such a right, Quinn said according to “several polls” two-thirds of Illinoisans were against carry concealed.

“About two-thirds of the people of Illinois are strongly opposed to that proposed idea and public safety comes first,” Quinn said. “We should listen to the everyday people of our state when it comes to their safety that carrying loaded, concealed weapons by private persons in public places is something that is not going to enhance public safety.” Quinn did not name a specific poll or study.

Legislation that would’ve afforded Illinoisans the right to carry concealed handguns for self-protection was shot down during the legislative session in May. The bill hasn’t been formally reintroduced, but it is an idea being tossed around in Springfield by State Rep. Adam Brown (R-Decatur) and other lawmakers.

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  • Dr John Sanderson

    The gov is not telling the truth ….49 stated cant be wrong…He is .!!!1 I am going to sell my home here and move a few miles north to Wisconsin. so I can protect my family as I can In my Florida home and all other states, as I have a carry permit.I have had a home in Illinois for 72 years ,however, I cant live in a State as corrupt as this one any longer.The lies are the only thing any one of their politicians uses instead of what the citizens desire.

    Why does he want us unarmed and prey for the criminal element that is armed !!!. I have carried a firearm as well as my wife for 2 years and neither of us has ever taken ours out of pocket or purse.

    In Illinois , a state with one of the highest crime rate…only the honest have no weapon and this makes criminals bolder than in the carry states

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