Three-Alarm Fire Destroys Local Market

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) — Firefighters continue to wet down hot spots left over from a three-alarm blaze in south St. Louis.

The fire broke around 12:30 this morning at the Afghan Market in the 3700 block of South Grand near Chippewa. There were some tense moments – the rear of the building collapsed with firefighers inside, but all personnel were able to evacuate safely. Flames at one point started to spread to the buildings on either side of the market. Both structures suffered some damage, before firefighters brought the flames under control around 2 a-m.

No word from the scene of any injuries. The market is reported to be a total loss. The cause of the fire will be investigated.

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  • Joderr

    I do think the cartoon was more utracace.What REALLY irritates me about the whole photoshop episode (and I can’t stand Katie Couric, so it really chaps my hide to defend her) is that she has been working out a lot and if you see her with skimpier attire on, she’s actually very buff, rather than chunky. Apparently that translates to “too fat” to those running the networks. God forbid someone not look heroine chic.

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