Overnight America: Debt Debate, GOP Primary & More

Ralph Graczak is sitting in for Jon Grayson on this Independence Day. The debt ceiling debates continue with little progress since last week. What would default mean for the U.S. economy and what compromises should be reached to placate both Republicans and Democrats? That and more on a July 4th edition of Overnight America.

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  • Hugh Campbell

    ATR – Puppet Master of a Deficit Shell Game

    A recent editorial by Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) in USA TODAY titled Opposing view: Just say no to higher taxes speak volumes regarding the Obama administration’s misjudgment with the Fiscal Commission. Demands for the Commission arose from the 2008 book/movie I.O.U.S.A. which highlighted the following four deficits: Leadership, trade, savings and budget; the first three being the most middle class relevant and root causes of the budget deficit. The limited scope of the Commission to only the, tip of the iceberg, budget deficit; subsequently, further limited to a spending only focus demanded ATR’s pledge signers (not permitted to negotiate in good faith) defies common senses by allowing ATR to be the Puppet Master of a deficit shell game.

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