UPDATE: Planned Parenthood Questions Angela Michael’s Tactics

Kevin Killeen

ST. LOUIS–(KMOX)– A Highland, Illinois mother of 13 known for her protests outside a Granite City abortion clinic announces she’s running for Congress as a Democrat on the abortion issue. 

Retired obstetrics nurse Angela Michael says she wants to air more than 250 commercials in the St. Louis television market featuring images of aborted fetuses.

“I want America to see the message behind abortions,” Michael said, “I want them to see what happens to babies daily.   And I also want to show them healthy babies that we rescue and we save in our ultrasound van.”

Michael says her van provides ultrasounds to women considering abortions outside the Hope Clinic for Women in Granite city.

Meanwhile, the president and CEO of Planned Parenthood in St. Louis — Paula Gianino —  says Michael has a reputation as an “extremist.”

“This is a woman who video tapes the faces and cars of patients that go to facilities that provide abortion care, and she puts them up on her website,” Gianino said.   Gianino says Michael also has a reputation for “yelling and screaming” outside of  abortion clinics.  

KMOX left a message with the Angela Michael for Congress campaign number and got a call back from her husband, Dan Michael.  

We have pictures of patients on our website,” Dan Michael said, “It’s not a violation of privacy.  It’s public record.  It’s like if somebody’s going into a grocery store.   If they don’t want to get their picture taken, then they shouldn’t get an abortion.” 

Dan Michael says their photography helped lead to the arrest of an Arkansas sexual predator, who was caught bringing an underage girl to the clinic for an abortion. 

Her decision to run was announced on the steps of the Old Court House in downtown St. Louis, flanked by pro-life presidential candidate Randall Terry, who is running as a Democrat.   Terry, who says he is already running ads in Iowa,  says he’s trying to create a “crisis of conscience.” 

img 2186 UPDATE: Planned Parenthood Questions Angela Michaels Tactics

Michael with presidential candidate Randall Terry

“If I can cause three or four percent of the Evangelicals and Catholics who voted in for Obama in 2008 to not vote for him in 2012, I could perhaps keep him from being elected,” Terry said, “I can’t beat Obama in the primary, obviously, but I can wound him.”

Michael says she is prepared to do legal battle with any television stations that might oppose airing her ads on the basis of their content. 

“Well, number one I have the Lord on my side,” Michael said, “but number two I do have legal representation if they don’t” (run the ads).

She says similar campaign ads have run in other markets and are protected speech.

Michael says she doesn’t know which congressional district she will file in yet, because of redistricting changes in the Highland area.

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