Gigantic Home Under Construction in Missouri

HIGHLANDVILLE, Mo. (AP) __ A 72,000-sq.-foot private home being built in southwest Missouri will be one of the largest in the United States when it’s completed.

The Springfield News-Leader reported that the home is being built by Steven Huff, who has family ties in Missouri and is chairman of Wisconsin-based TF Concrete Forming Systems.

Not surprisingly it will be built out of the insulated concrete, manufactured and distributed by Huff’s company. Michigan-based Helix also is partnering in the project, providing the steel
reinforcement product that will be used.

Luke Pinkerton, founder of Helix, said the idea was to create a home that uses very low energy, as well as having strong resistance to tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, fire, flood and insect damage.

“What we’re able to do is develop a home that has very, very good insulating properties for heating and cooling,” he said. “It’s very robust and strong.”

Called Pensmore, the home includes two elevators, 13 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, a billiard room, a home theater, a music room and a 1,600-sq.-foot library. Blueprints submitted in 2007 show the main level and second story span 44,641 sq. feet. There are another 23,020-sq. feet in the basement, and the garage is 4,000 sq. feet.

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  • Country Ham

    I’ll believe it when I see it !

    • Hulaboy

      When a person builds a rustic cabin, it should be nobody’s business.

  • SammieJo

    That’s just plain obnoxious!

  • wayzata

    He will take a tax deduction for the business R&D.

  • Dee

    Whatever does one do with a home that big? Golf carts to go from the living room to the dining room, for conversing with a person in an adjoining room, roller skates for the staff? And what a hassle furnishing it. Does one hire a hotel supply for that? Just amazing! The bigger question, for me anyway, is why? A nice 40,000sq ft. place that was gold plated and covered in pave diamonds would be more suitable, and easier to manage.

  • DeweyD

    That ought to create about 150 jobs.

  • Whites only pies

    Makes me think he mismanages his company. Poor PR move.

    • Mike Rotch

      Of course. Because all companies that are profitable must be mismanaged. And because his wealth didn’t come from the government he must be corrupt. You’re an idiot. You have no idea what it takes to work and be successful. This guy is probably still working at night while you’re drinking PBR, eating pork rinds and watching Big Brother. Well done.

      • spike

        Mike, LOVE the name! Wonder if anyone even gets it?

  • The Libertarian

    Oh my, don’t publicize this! When the empty suit Obama finds out that some American is prospering, he’ll start demonizing these people as Captain Demagogue again.

    Obama flies around the county as Captain Demagogue in his Code Pink cape searching for any American that’s doing well without government help. When he finds these people he puts the call out to his minions (via his super secret mind penetrating teleprompter) to hate these successful Americans for daring to be prosperous.

    At the end of a long days work, Obama returns to the White House for more lavish parties, plan the following days rounds of golf and decide where to take the family on another extravagant vacation at the tax payers expense.

    • DigitalBob

      Sounds like you’ve got his number.

    • Dee Smith

      can I steal that quote “code Pink cape”
      That’s is right on with the flotilla named” Audicity of Hope” where is the media on this coinsidence?

    • deRuiter

      You ought to write your own blog! This is so well put, so funny, so sadly true. Obama has no clue that American business people make the country prosperous, he wants “redistribution” so all will be poor. He wants to crush American business, except for GE and his buddy Imelt who pay no U. S. taxes.

      • troy

        Obama does not realize that rich people spending money on things like homes, planes, and other material goods IS redistribution. The money goes out of their bank accounts, and into the hands of people who build homes, planes and other material goods.

        Of course, since the government is not involved in this transaction, there must be something inherently evil, shallow or greedy about it. Redistribution is only good if the government is involved, it doesn’t create jobs, and nothing of substance is built.

  • DKC

    The guy has the money, he’s not juicing the taxpayers by relying on governmental money…why do any of you care what he does with HIS property? Anyone ever heard of property rights, or liberty anymore?

    • Fooksie

      Took the words right out of my mouth! Kudos to you!

    • David K.

      He got the money from the government. His own company website states “Mr. Huff was founder and CEO of Sensor Systems (later Overwatch) a company that creates leading commercial software products for medical, defense and intelligence applications.”

      • Twyla Davis

        His company EARNED the money for a service (creating software) that it provided. Get your facts straight or at least learn the difference between earning an income or being given a handout.

      • David K.

        Twyla, my comment is that his wealth did come, at least partially from the government, which contradicts DKC’s statement above. Do you recall the $500 toilet seats bought by the government back in the 80’s? The government can, and often does, make or break a companies success. I ran my own business for 7 years, employed over 200 people, and found that the government doesn’t enforce the law evenly. My competitors stole and bribed their way to “success”, not a price I was, or am, willing to pay for profits.

      • schmuck281

        David K. Every penny the government spends came from the private sector. (except for the money that they create out of thin air at the Fed)

    • darrell

      right on, if I had that kind of money I would build one in each state i wanted to live in that week!

    • Cindy

      Seems like he read a little Ayn Rand…I want to go there…

    • Brandon

      No company with that much money in Amerika got it through free market competition. They all get rich the same way anyone gets rich in a third world banana republic, by securing exclusive government contracts and lobbying to regulate out their competitors. Sickening that fraud hucksters like this pretend they are somehow part of a free market that has never existed in America.

      • M 1

        Bertram Scudder, is that you?

    • WakeUpAmerica

      What do you mean he is not juicing the taxpayer? Where do you think all of those concrete forms along the freeways come from at hundreds of dollars a pop all paid for by the taxpayer based on a $12 bag of Portland cement and payment of low wages.

      I just wonder why the super rich are building fortresses as homes? What are they afraid of?

      • M 1

        Right, because some private company is preventing the government from building those barriers internally and taking advantages of the amazing efficiencies that we’ve all come to know and love from government programs.

        Or maybe you think the price of those barriers would go down if only the government forced the manufacturer to pay higher wages. Explain to me how that works, since I openly admit I lack the economic sense to make the math work.

        You have the inside line. Tell me, what do those barriers cost to make? What does it cost to transport them to the site and place them? What does it cost to store them when they aren’t in use? How much do they weigh, exactly? How many “$12 bags of Portland cement” do they use, exactly? How long does it take to make the form and how much plywood does it use? How long does it set? How many can you make at once? What is their lifespan?

        I mean, this is easy stuff, right? You have all the answers.

    • IamRIGHTyouAREwrong

      Liberals – “Kill him, take his house, jail him, I should decide how big everyones housees are!”

      Republicans – “I hope to have his type of financial success one day. Live and let live.”

      Whose team are you on?

  • bitters

    I hope it’s more attractive in real life than it is as depicted..The pic has all the charm of a prison..

    As far as size..that does sound like a bit much…even in these days of excess.

    • Supermantoyou

      even in these days of excess, who’s excess? Oh so sorry, the government’s excess.

    • Marcus

      The mansion in the picture is the Biltmore mansion in Ashville NC

      • archovist

        No it isn’t – the Biltmore has a way more elaborate roof. If you look it up you’ll see.

  • steve

    God bless him on the project. I admire people that can live like this. Wait, did he get any stimulus money

  • John P

    No fair! He is getting all the forms for free.
    I just built one just like this and had to pay full price.

    • JDS

      And where in the article did it say he was getting the forms for free?

  • Snarfu

    Smaller than Al Gore’s place.

  • Fanny Forbes Franklen

    There’s no place like home …. there’s no place like home …


  • JDN

    Better not raise his taxes……. he obviously needs all the cash he can get.

    • stew

      good for him! jealous? and it’s not for you or any of your other miserable, liberal, JEALOUS friends to decide how much he “needs” of HIS money.

    • Buck

      I agree JDN, he should fire all the workers building his house and put his money in offshore accounts like Goldman Sacks and not create any jobs or tax revenue. Your Brilliant just like Obama. I agree again tax every millionaire so that the government can spend that money SO Wisely, Like War that’s a great place all the rich peoples money can be used for.

  • OutInTheOC

    Capitalism at its finest! …..Thank you Steven Huff. You made the money and you should be able to spend it HOW YOU WANT!………Great Job!

  • lynn

    He’s protecting himself from the coming New Madrid earthquake.

  • M.C.

    The rich will need concrete reinforced homes when the surfs become restless.

    • Jim

      Not in Missouri. Communist serfs will not fair well there with the hard working folk that just want to take care of their own and to be given a shot at wealth instead of bread lines. He was smart to move here.

      • troy

        People do not realize that Missouri is a non-union state. A man with access to wholesale concrete can probably build anything he wants for about $2 a square foot. In all, he is probably spending no more than $750,000 for this home — about the same price as an efficiency apartment in Manhattan.

        People on the coast have no concept of how affordable things are here in the heartland. It’s great. I just bought a fully restored 1920’s home of five acres for $12,000.

  • Alan Whitney

    More power to him!

  • Clown

    Of course there have been local rumors since this project started, that this is a secret FEDGOV facility.

    Guess the secret is out now!

  • The Cryptojournalist

    A gargantuan mansion made of insulated concrete. Blech

    Sounds right…a cut-rate mansion for a disposable culture

    • Ohiowordguy

      Who says it is “cut rate?” How did you conclude that? It’s going to be energy efficient, using a technology that his company is involved with.

      ICFs have been around for a while now, and are proven energy-saving devices. Again, how does that make it “cut rate?” Sounds to me like the place will be built strong as a fortress!

  • Bruce

    Cut-rate? Disposable?

    “Cryptojournalist”.. how about using those journalism skills to learn what you are talking about. That method of construction is some of the strongest, safest and most permanant around!

  • David K.

    Ha! It is from government money. The TF Forming Systems website states “Mr. Huff was founder and CEO of Sensor Systems (later Overwatch) a company that creates leading commercial software products for medical, defense and intelligence applications.”

    • lm

      why are you posting the same comment again? can’t you think of anything new and witty to type? again, he sold a product, not took a handout. big difference….

    • Darek

      Let it go. He earned his money while providing many jobs that Obama and his policies are killing right now. He can do what he wants with HIS money.

    • M 1

      Isn’t it funny how it’s always the fault of the contractor for taking government jobs, rather than the fault of the government for giving the work and money to these presumed-evil capitalists?

      Oh the poor government, being exploited by the citizenry. Sure they have police power and the ability to legislate, but these evil capitalists are just too wily.


  • Chicago j

    This is sad and disgusting. No one needs a home that big. Obviously people like this need to be taxed more since they have more money. I wonder how much this person contributes to charity?? If people are that wealthily maybe they should be helping the homeless and people without jobs more..

    • tas

      Quite frankly I find your comment sad and disgusting. Why vilify him for success. How many families does he support with all the people he employs. I am very tired of people vilifying others who have made it.

    • Rose

      What makes you think they are not helping the homeless and/or people with jobs? Building this mansion will fill alot of jobs and then maintaining it will employee as well. The local community will thrive and prosper with the needs of their new neighbor. Why is this so difficult to grasp? So what if the owner is eccentric? So are alot of homeless people.

    • nick

      Betcha he contributes substantially more than you, gross and per capita. Just a guess.

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  • TRW

    How dare this person be successful and build a big home! Doesn’t he know that he needs to redistribute his wealth to all those that don’t work and are not successful? Success is a dirty word in this country now…. sheesh…

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