Palin Documentary To Be Shown In St. Louis

Carol Daniel

ST. LOUIS, MO (KMOX) – A documentary about Sarah Palin will be shown in St. Louis.  Called, “The Undefeated,”  the film will be shown in conjunction with “Smart Girl Summit“,  a two-day conference for politically conservative women.

The screening will take place at 1:00 PM on Saturday, July 30 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.  Organizers say cast members and writer/director Stephen K. Bannon will be in attendance.

Bannon says, “We are thrilled to bring this film to the city of St. Louis and especially the Smart Girl Summit.

Co-founder of Smart Girl Politics Action, Teri Christoph says, ‘It was important for us to screen this movie at Smart Girl Summit because Sarah Palin has shown conservatives what it takes to be an effect voice in today’s political environment.” 
The conference will include candidate training for attendees and appearances by Presidential candidate Herman Cain, activist Phyllis Schlafly, Missouri Lt Governor Peter Kinder and U.S. Senate candidate Ann Wagner.  A straw poll will also be conducted to examine the political preferences of the conservative women in attendance.  

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  • Brandt Hardin

    Sarah will never sell herself short. This film is simply another publicity stunt to make Palin what she really wants…. not the presidency, but cold hard CASH. Palin is for $ale and is making it rich on your dime with every book, speaking engagement, and movie ticket that markets her image and sells her looks (it’s certainly not her choice of words which got her this far.) Check out this very scandalous portrait of her erotically rolling in the dough on my artist’s blog at

    • Abigail Florence

      What’s scandalous, is a slanderous misrepresentation of of a person. You have no erotic pictures of Sarah Palin, and you have no picture of Sarah Palin rolling in dough. So who’s photo do you have, or why did you photo shop it? The sad part; there are people who don’t know any difference.

  • Thomas

    Brandt: You could not be more wrong. She lives in a modest home. When Govenor of Alaska she refused a free chef and cooked for her family. She sold the Govenors private jet and flew commercial. She gave up her six figure salary because the media was hounding her family 24/7. You just HATE her because you don’t agree with her.

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    […] Don’t forget that The Undefeated will be screened at the Smart Girl Politics Summit in St. Louis this weekend. […]

  • Bill589

    So Sarah Palin, who has not spent a penny nor a second making this film,
    will have the truth about her accessible in 97 million homes.

    Good for her.
    Yet another natural advantage of having the truth on her side.

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