AUDIO: Skate Lingo And The Sounds Of A Parking Lot

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While driving to a skate park, the boys saw some flat rails encircling the parking lot of a convenience store and started “ooh”-ing and “ahh”-ing. This has become a common occurrance. Whenever they see something “skateable” – a park bench, a loading dock, a curb, a bus station waiting area, a hand railing, a set of stairs – they’ll point it out to each other, usually quite loudly.

Sometimes they’ll shout out “Oh! Check out that gap” or “a five set” and “no it’s a four set.” Lou and I are slowly learning the lingo, the complex glossary of skate terms such as “mani-pad” (a flat surface on which to perform “manuals,” which are like wheelies) and “hip” (two ramps joined at an angle – picture one corner of a low-slung pyramid).

Some of these terms, and the scores of other names for tricks, can be found at

This time, we stopped to let the kids get out and shred in the parking lot. We recorded a few sounds, which Lou put to “music.”

AUDIO: Parking Lot Skate Soundz 

To follow the whole coast-to-coast, dads-and-sons adventure, check out

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