DANIEL: Step Away From The Hair Dye!

Carol Daniel

As a mother, I keep a watchful eye over how my sons are treated by other adults. Today, I have something to say to the Grafton, Illinois father who is waving the constitution at school board members claiming, “my baby girl’s constitutional rights have been violated.”

Dear Mr. Chris Hartshorn,
“Change your daughter’s hair color back.”
Carol Daniel

This comes after Hartshorn’s daughter and several others were kicked out of school for wearing some combo of red, blue, pink and purple streaks in their hair. One boy is pictured with a blood red mohawk. The board has told them they can return only after they return their hair to a natural color.

Hartshorn says no one at the school said anything last year although he knows the district has a dress code that covers hair and clothing that might be deemed disruptive. But this he believes (along with the ACLU which reportedly will represent him for free) is a clear cut case of free speech.

Schools must control the classroom. Any distraction must be dealt with and that includes a blood red mohawk and blue hair!

Why are we telling these students they can say and do and wear anything they want to? I can’t wear blue jeans or t-shirts to work. I actually have a dress code that I must abide by if I want to stay out of trouble. What will the Hartshorn children do when they hit the job market?

“My daddy says I have free speech.” You do my dear and we are offering the job to someone else.

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