DANIEL: PC – Not Politically Correct – But Parent Confessions

Carol Daniel

So a lawsuit was dismissed against an Illinois mother over what her ungrateful children (now grown) felt was ‘bad mothering.’

The 23-year-old son and and 20-year-old daughter won’t get the $50-thousand they were seeking over claims of ’emotional distress’ but we all get a lesson in what does NOT constitute bad parenting.

So she didn’t send her son a care package at college. I never got one and thought nothing of it because most in my dorm at the University of Missouri-Columbia didn’t get them either.

So she wouldn’t buy her daughter a homecoming dress. We had to get jobs at 16 in my family and my mother expected me to buy my own dress. I did, but my mother did not like the strapless silky green number I came home with.

These two lumps of flesh also sued because mom didn’t send gifts in birthday cards. At this point, everyone who grew up like I did, getting one birthday present, a homemade cake and no cards (too expensive), feel free to pound your desk in exasperation over the misuse of valuable court time by these two and their vindictive father/attorney.

There’s more to the story of course but for this mother, these actions are nothing to confess.

I, on the other hand want to come clean.

I will confess that I have yelled at my sons, given them soda for breakfast, sent them to school and/or day care with fevers, spent too much money on certain gifts and not disciplined them when I should have. I have forgotten about tests, picture day, fund raising deadlines and dentist appointments.

I have also looked in their backpacks, closets and dresser drawers for anything unusual. Wait, I’m actually proud of that!

Any confessions out there? I promise, you’ll feel much better.

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