Purple Paint Replaces ‘No Trespassing’ Signs

David Dahl
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purple paint on tree
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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (IRN) — If you use or often see “No Trespassing” signs, you might be seeing the color purple instead.

A state law which is now in effect allows landowners to use purple paint instead of those signs. The paint can be on trees or posts. The law sets out how far apart the purple marks should be – up to 100 feet for trees and up to 36 feet for posts, and the marks should be “readily visible to any person approaching the property.”

State Sen. John Sullivan (D-Rushville) got the idea from Missouri, which abuts his district, though he says he understands it originated in Arkansas. The benefit for property owners, he says, is the purple mark is permanent, whereas a sign can be blown down or stolen.

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