Danforth Won’t Run, Backs Kinder

Brian Kelly

ST. LOUIS (KMOX)-Despite a Facebook campaign urging him to run, former Missouri Senator John Danforth tells KMOX that he is not running for governor, and is backing Lt. Governor Peter Kinder for the job.

When asked by KMOX’s Charlie Brennan if he would like to announce that he’s a candidate for Governor in 2012, Danforth answered “No” followed by a chuckle. Danforth then told Brennan he’s “all for” Kinder.

Danforth, an ordained Episcopal priest, says Kinder’s recently revealed involvement with a former Penthouse Pet and stripper, doesn’t bother him, “I just think we’ve got to decide enough of this trying to humiliate people and pouring through their past and embarrassing them. Let’s look at the whole person and whether the person is qualified and whether this is really a decent human being and Peter is clearly all of that.”

Danforth says he’s known Kinder for a very long time, “When he was student and I would be in Cape Girardeau he would drive me around. I know him, I have very high regard for him. I think he’s been a terrific public servant and I think he’ll be a terrific Governor. I hope he stays in this race.”

Danforth adds, “If what we’re doing to everyone in politics is combing through everything in their past and looking for the worst things we can find, no wonder people don’t want to go into politics. I mean, very few of us are saints, right?”

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  • Ed Golterman

    He would rather be the silent power, and make no mistake-he is.

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