Rally Planned for President’s Visit

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – A group of young voters plans a rally outside the Renaissance Grand Hotel in St. Louis while President Obama is inside raising campaign funds.

The group hopes to persuade the president to veto a pipeline project that would bring tar sands oil from Alberta Canada to the Texas Gulf Coast and a Wood River Illinois refinery.

About fifty young voters who campaigned for President Obama in 2008 plan to attend the rally hosted by Washington University’s  Green Action, a student environmental group. Members of Occupy STL, the group that has been protesting in front of the Federal Building in support of those in New York City, also plan to be part of the rally.

The groups plan to remind the president that environmental groups like themselves were part of the reason Mr. Obama became President.

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  • Michelle

    OccupyStL isn’t an environmental group, they’re a group protesting the plutoarchy and corporate ownership of government. It’s part of a national effort to protest things like a 25% unemployment rate among America’s youth, the lack of financial regulation which crashed our economy in 2007, and 40 years of the decimation of our middle class through the economic warfare of the wealthiest 1% in this country.

  • Show-Me Reality

    No, they are a bunch of unrealistic whackos, who want to end fossil fuels an nuclear energy immediately, are demanding “living wages” and free health care for all (regardless of employment status,) free college and the list goes on. Get real, people!

  • Michelle

    Have you been down there and talked to them? I have.

    It is not unrealistic to want a rising tide to float all boats in a remotely equal fashion.

    It is not “whacko” to want a decent opportunity for a decent job.

    It is not unrealistic to expect affordable health care in a world where every other industrialized nation makes that available to their citizens.

    It is not “whacko” to point out that the wealthiest 1% of Americans have realized income increases of 250% since 1980 when the other 99% have seen increases of 18% or less for their labor (with the lowest 2 quintiles actually losing ground).

    It is not unreasonable for the individual to want equal representation in our political processes with corporations.

    It is not “whacko” to be angry that Wall Street get bailed out for their greed by one president and completely pardoned by the next while Main Street gets no bailout at all and a lecture on personal responsibility from those bailed out and by those who carry their water.

    It’s a shame this message is somehow so difficult to get across in a climate dominated by two sides played against each other like competing football teams. The game is set but it’s the American people who get played.

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