Tea Party Leader Speaks Out On Occupy St. Louis

Brian Kelly

ST. LOUIS (KMOX)-A local Tea Party leader says Occupy St. Louis has a right to protest, but its members should not be allowed to remain in Kiener Plaza in violation of city ordinances.

St. Louis Tea Party Executive Director Michelle Moore says that when her organization has had rallies at Kiener Plaza, they’ve had to get permits, pay for parking spots and follow other rules. She says the occupiers should have to do the same, “If they would like to get a permit every single day in order to protest there, I would have no issue with that. If they would like to go home every night, as is required by the city ordinances, I would have no issue with that.”

Moore tells KMOX’s Mark Reardon that part of the problem for the city is, that once they let it happen one night, now, where do they draw the line, “The is the case in city’s all over. The mayors and people in charge of various  cities all over allowed people to stay one night. So, what’s the difference between one night or a hundred nights? Why is that different from the first night? That never should have been allowed to occur.”

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