Vandals Strike Lincoln’s Tomb, Steal Copper Sword

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (CBS/AP) – Thieves have nabbed a 3-foot-long copper sword atop Lincoln’s Tomb in what is believed to be the first theft at the site in more than a century.

An employee noticed last week that the sword was cut from a statue of a Civil War artillery officer, the (Springfield) State Journal-Register reported Saturday. Officials think the sword was stolen sometime between September and early November.

Nothing had been stolen from the Springfield site, which is the final resting place of Abraham Lincoln, since the sword on the same statue was taken more than 100 years ago, said Dave Blanchette, a spokesman for the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency. Then, the sword was bronze.

“We just cannot imagine why someone would even think about doing it, let alone climb up the steps and actually do it,” Blanchette said.

The statue is on the tomb’s balcony, which is closed to visitors. Workers would likely have spotted a thief during the day, but no one guards the tomb at night, Blanchette said.

A security guard was posted overnight after a 1987 incident in which racist graffiti was spray-painted on the tomb. Five teenagers were arrested. But budget cuts ended that position within a few years of the incident, he said.

The rest of the statue was unharmed. Officials plan to fix the statue, Blanchette said.

Dedicated in 1874, Lincoln Tomb is the final resting place of Abraham Lincoln, his wife Mary, and three of their four sons, according to its website. The eldest son, Robert T. Lincoln, is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

According to the website, “the 117-foot tomb, designed by sculptor Larkin Mead, is constructed of brick sheathed with Quincy granite. The base is 72-foot square with large semi-circular projections on the north and south sides. Double sets of north and south stairs lead to a terrace, above which rises the obelisk. At the corners of the shaft, large pedestals serve as bases for four bronze sculptures, each with a group of figures representing one of the four Civil War services—infantry, artillery, cavalry, and navy. A taller base on the obelisk’s south side holds a heroic bronze statue of Lincoln.”

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  • RonnieReagan

    errr….I think they did it for the money, how about you? They have disgraced my fellow Republican in the process.

    • Mike Notsaying

      just a thought … copper is a essential ingredient in bullets…

      • Tarantula

        That’s nuts. Copper is NOT an essential part of bullets. Bullets are made out of lead. Copper jacketing of bullets requires sophisticated stamping, forming and pressing machinery.

      • Henry Thoreau

        Dude. What do you think brass is made off. You can stick anything in place of lead. You can’t use any metal for the casing, jacket, and pin. Unless you’re playing the, but a bullet isn’t a casing word game, in which case FU.

        I welcome the next civil war.

  • Barack Obozo

    If they find the thieves they should bronze their…feet

    • CitizenPain

      another state agency… overpaid & asleep on the job

    • Pilot.Dave

      Even in 1987 we had video surveillance systems that cost less than a guard…

      • Alan

        This is Illinois. Unions first!

      • nunya in ct

        Surveillance cameras record, there needs to be an immediate responsivity to the crime. A live body can do that, a camera has it’s limitations.

    • Jack Kinch(1uncle)

      Police profile: Demorats.

    • Rufus

      It took them a couple of months to realize it was missing. Way up there- replace it with a plastic one from Walmart.

      • ma67

        Made in China too!!

  • Mike Alright

    Freedom is stolen from the feminized US population should be the title.

    • Jerry Allen

      just replace it with piece of broccoli for mrs obammmmmma push on we are too stupid to eat right…would this of been stolen with any other president? NO…employment would be up and citizens would be proud to be Americans

    • @RuleofWolves

      Our Freedom does not reside in a bronze sword on top of a monument. The Freedom of the American people relies on our determination to always stand up to ignorant jingoistic bullies who welcome immigrants to our country with an insult and a raised fist, who use the word “feminization” as an insult and who use religion in political debate to demonize their opponents.

      • Susan Carter

        Femi-nazi…THAT’S YOU!!

      • Capt Lewis

        Wow, you’ve really swallowed the cool aid, buck-o.

      • Dorkyman

        We welcome immigrants. Just do it legally, like our forefathers did.

        Or is that too hard for libs to understand?

      • Shawn

        No, it is simply that this country is quickly declining because white males are being marginalized to make room for the inferior others who did little to nothing to actually build this country. In 20 years we will be a third world nation. Take a good look at Britain for a glimpse of the future.

    • Bucko

      That’s a very cogent statement, has the ring of truth. Feminized, sissified, and digitally opiated.

      • Jerzey Boy

        Don’t forget Spanish-ized ; Soon it will be Press 2 for English. This is what happens to a great country when the Lib’s get their way, sad, very sad.

      • Stephen

        digatallyopiated….man that is brilliant

      • Schifter

        Maybe they will replace the sword with a rainbow lollipop.

    • Anne Lilje

      Sounds like you don’t like women much? Not that its a bad thing or anything like that…

      • GABlueStarMom

        Anne Lilje, I am the mother of 3 sons. I have made sure they were raised to be MEN! Not PC men but real old fashioned men. You see, I as a woman see the value of a man, I don’t want a man to be like me because I am comfortable being a woman and I believe Men and women compliment eachother. I am in no way intimidated by a men…I love them!

      • Craig

        Thank you. That’s almost amazing to hear now days. You mean, you actually respect men for being men? I’m not talking about jerks. I’m talking about real men like your sons are.


        we like women plenty. We just don’t like our nation become a pussie, that’s all.

    • Anatole Pushkin

      Gay-ified, not feminized.
      Remember what the gays did to Anita Bryant.
      And now, the final assault against women’s rights
      because the gays have succeeded in stealing their men away
      under the guise of liberty and freedom.

  • Barack Obozo

    Keep smokin’ what you’re smokin’…Dave

    • Dave Mowers

      LOL, OK mister know-it-all!

      “The U.S. government has a technology, called a printing press (or today, its electronic equivalent), that allows it to produce as many U.S. dollars as it wishes at no cost.”

      -Ben Bernanke, Chairman Federal Reserve

  • Jane

    No you don’t.

  • Kari Ju

    Oh if only all Americans had the same work ethic and repayment history. Oh if only all Americans had the same drive, ambition and creativity.
    “same level of access to credit and capital” didn’t we try that with oh, let’s see, FHA, Fannie Mae, Freddi Mac and the fantasy of universal home ownership? Remember stated income loans?

    • Dave Mowers

      Of The 16 Trillion Loaned to U.S. Banks and Corporations Z E R O has been repaid and they got it at 1% interest???

      Why Do Your Argument about Protecting the Class System Never Stand Up to Facts?

      The Fed Audit
      July 21, 2011

      The first top-to-bottom audit of the Federal Reserve uncovered eye-popping new details about how the U.S. provided a whopping $16 trillion in secret loans to bail out American and foreign banks and businesses during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. An amendment by Sen. Bernie Sanders to the Wall Street reform law passed one year ago this week directed the Government Accountability Office to conduct the study. “As a result of this audit, we now know that the Federal Reserve provided more than $16 trillion in total financial assistance to some of the largest financial institutions and corporations in the United States and throughout the world,” said Sanders. “This is a clear case of socialism for the rich and rugged, you’re-on-your-own individualism for everyone else.”

    • Nik

      We do, the people protesting are not American’s in my mind, they are leeches.

  • Joe Gattuso

    There was once an unsuccessful attempt to steal Lincoln’s body. After that, caretakers moved it to a shallow grave in the basement. Later, his coffin was encased in concrete. A sword theft is insignificant compared to Lincoln himself!

    • harrison

      the real crime is no one was guarding the area , due to budget cuts , this must be a joke , the feds have grown 20% in just a few years , the dept of transportation went from 10 people earning 150k to 1000 in 2 yrs . and they cant guard a national shrine , i would fire a few inside buddies and hire some out side security , and they didnt know it was missing , this whole thing just does not ad up…..cameras ?

      • Dave Mowers

        @ harrison

        “When you total up all compensation (including health care and benefits), the average income for a federal worker in the Washington D.C. area last year was $126,369. According to a study by the Heritage Foundation, federal workers earn 30 to 40 percent more money on average than their counterparts in the private sector. In 2005, 7420 federal workers were making $150,000 or more per year. In 2010, a whopping 82,034 federal workers were making $150,000 or more per year.” *endoftheamericandream com

      • Don

        Come on…. it was a copper sword not a gold one.. the money used to pay some donut eating rent-a-cop to “watch” the palce would pay for a new one ever few days.

    • Lincoln the Traitor

      Lincoln was a traitor to the Constitution by making himself a dictator and shredding the bill of rights.

      • Hal McCombs


      • Eric

        You don’t understand the theory of Natural Law, which is the basis of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. All rights are inherent in the individual, but those rights are predicated on the individual’s adherence to the social contract. Armed insurrection is a violation of that social contract. The Founders were not anarchists, or even “libertarians.” When you take up arms and attack your own country that country is going to fight back. The Founders knew that when they started shooting Redcoats. Armed, violent rebels do not have “rights”. Not even the rights of criminals. They have declared themselves to be outside and above society. At that point they either win, and write their own rules, or they lose and face the consequences.

        People squawk about blowing up “American terrorists” with Predator drones, but when those clowns announced themselves to be at war with their own country they put themselves into the category of Illegal Combatants. They are not “criminals” in the usual sense of someone who violates the law of his own nation because they are no longer part of that nation. They are not “enemy soldiers” because they don’t wear a uniform or represent any nation-state. They, like the rebels of the Civil War, are something else entirely. Lincoln’s dealings with them were remarkably even-handed and forgiving, all things considered. For the most part they were treated as enemy soldiers in wartime, even though according to the Union’s point of view they were nothing more than “citizens” in a state of treasonous rebellion. Any other time in human history they would have been killed, to the least and the last.

    • LibsAreStupidheads

      Yeah you do know it’s a tomb and he’s not living in there, right?

      • Horus

        What a bunch of racists you people are!

      • Calvin

        Lincoln was a man of his times. He believed certain things because the very smart people said it was so. Though he did not believe in the equality of the races he did believe that slavery was an evil invented by man. He also believed that as president his first and foremost job was to preserve the union even if it meant that slavery would continue. The South cast down the guantlet and Lincoln picked it up. The South made slavery a condition of peace and Lincoln responded with Emancipation Proclamation. This made the cause of the North moral and holy. NO ONE was tried like Lincoln was tried. He was not a general but he had to command great armies. He had to bear up under the burden of hundreds of thousands of deaths that came from his commands. He had to bear the unfair assaults of the journalists of the times who called him a dictator, a king, and an ape.

      • sickoffools

        That was funny !! Good one.

      • sickoffools

        my comment was on yours, about being funny to Joe

      • Mark Brown

        Perhaps, someday, their statues, like Lenin’s in Russia, will be toppled and melted down; their insignias and battle flags will be desecrated, their war songs tossed into the fire. And then Davis and Lee and Jackson and Forrest, and all the heroes of the South, “Dixie” and the Stars and Bars, will once again be truly honored and remembered. The classic comment on that meretricious TV series The Civil War was made by that marvelous and feisty Southern writer Florence King. Asked her views on the series, she replied: “I didn’t have time to watch The Civil War. I’m too busy getting ready for the next one.” In that spirit, I am sure that one day, aided and abetted by Northerners like myself in the glorious “copperhead” tradition, the South shall rise again.
        — Murray Rothbard

      • Eric

        Lincoln was right, Lincoln.

        The worst thing whites ever did to blacks was give them free stuff to salve their own guilt over slavery. Whatever opinion you may hold about “racial superiority” it’s a fact that blacks in the U.S. will NEVER be equal simply because they will never choose to be.

        People rise to the level of expectations, generally speaking, and when nothing is expected then nothing is achieved. Rare individuals are able to rise above what whites don’t expect of blacks, but for the most part blacks conform to what liberals expect of them: Sitting on the porch drinking 40s, smoking Swishers and spending up their baby-mamas welfare checks. Dependence is a trillion dollar industry, and it wants to maintain the status quo.

      • Lincoln

        I am not now, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in any way the social or political equality of the white and black races. I am not now nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor of intermarriages with white people. There is a physical difference between the white and the black races which will forever forbid the two races living together on social or political equality. There must be a position of superior and inferior, and I am in favor of assigning the superior position to the white man.

        Lincoln in his speech to Charleston, Illinois, 1858

      • FreeThinker

        Whaaaat??! You mean he’s . . . he’s . . . dead??

      • John

        So if he’s dead who is the GOP front runner?

    • bbnet

      Lincoln the murderous tyrant, appeared to free the Negroes but actually enslaved a nation.

      The principle, on which the war was waged by the North against the Southern states, was simply this: That men may rightfully be compelled to submit to, and support, a government that they do not want; and that resistance, on their part, makes them traitors and criminals.

      No principle, that is possible to be named, can be more self-evidently false than this; or more self-evidently fatal to all political freedom. Yet it triumphed in the field, and is now assumed to be established. If it really be established, the number of slaves, instead of having been diminished by the war, has been greatly increased; for a man, thus subjected to a government that he does not want, is a slave. And there is no difference, in principle — but only in degree — between political and chattel slavery. The former, no less than the latter, denies a man’s ownership of himself and the products of his labor; and asserts that other men may own him, and dispose of him and his property, for their uses, and at their pleasure.

      Previous to the war, there were some grounds for saying that — in theory, at least, if not in practice — our government was a free one; that it rested on consent. But nothing of that kind can be said now,as the principle on which the war was carried on by the North, is now irrevocably established.

      If that principle be not the principle of the Constitution, the fact should be known. If it be the principle of the Constitution, the Constitution itself should be at once overthrown.


      • TheTRUTH


        Amen brother, speak the truth!!!

        If you want to know the ugly truth, read the reports… find out what modern NORTHERN version of history lies to you about…

    • Sniffit

      So it’s ok then huh?

      • GABlueStarMom

        Of course it is……no big deal, it was just a sword. /s

  • mr0btuse

    Replace it with a glow-in-the-dark light saber. That would be awesome.

    • JM in San Diego CA

      For YES WE CAN: There are no “authorities” at Attack Watch,” only Democrat Party operatives that will do anything to force Socialism on our great country.

      You value Attack Watch for some reason and it annoys me that you vote, too.

      • LRK

        I think he was being sarcastic please wake the hell up!!!!

      • LibsAreStupidheads

        It’s sarcasm, dude.

        JM is just another phony conservative posting against the truth.

    • Rich Moral

      That sound like something I would say ,but not in this case.



        @ KENYAN STEALS…

        I just reported you to the authorities at

        Please refrain from commenting further alleged thefts by Mr. Obama. And please, whatever you do, don’t tell people to google –

  • N Grimes

    Just saw a History Channell story about some Chicago counterfeiters attempt to steal Lincoln’s body from the same tomb

    • jer. grimes

      Kolie!! Is that U?

  • M Chadwick

    Dave- So Joe works the fields 50 hours a week, John builds houses 40 hours a week, but Matt sits on his butt all week and does NOTHING… So Joe, John and Matt should get the same equal share? Progressive logic sounds good until it is put on paper.

    • Dave Mowers

      The C.E.O. of J.P. Morgan’s WIFE, got a guaranteed and insured by the U.S. taxpayer loan for 1/4 of a billion dollars at 1.25% interest with NO business history, NO credentials and NO experience in investing.and she got that money directly from the Federal reserve Bank for no reason other than she married a board member of the Federal Reserve.

      Your vitriol and hatred for lower class Americans is what makes you a Traitor to the United States and Democracy.

    • Jeff Callahan

      Under the current system Matt makes more than John and Joe. He’s the boss that owns the construction company John works for and owns the fields Joe leases.

      Or perhaps Matt is disabled, Joe owns his fields, and John owns his construction company, and they pay their taxes like good citizens so that Matt doesn’t have to die of disease and starvation in the gutter.

      Maybe in yet another straw man argument such as the one you presented, maybe Matt is just the manager working for Chadwick who owns both the construction company and the fields.

      All of these scenarios are plausible.

      But you know, your logic sounded good on paper when you wrote it, before I came along and shot it up with an AK-47.

      Now it’s just full of holes.

      • WeThePeople

        Good libkook. Now let’s get real. You’re trying (like the rest of ’em) to liken a “have not” with the rest of you kooks who are simply “will nots”. Taking care of the “have nots” is built into our system. It is an obligation that should be viewed as a right and a privilege! The “will-nots” are simply a drain of resources and should not be confused with the truly needy. So dump the crying, Clem. The two are totally different animals. Take your “AK-47” and stick it.

      • Jeff Callahan

        Wow. Don’t like having those fallacies exposed do you?

        You sure spit out a lot of hate there for someone who said absolutely nothing.

        Once you start calling names you’ve lost the argument. :P

      • dancingrabbit

        Read a line in Henry the V…”were all they children Kind and Natural”. Once you get a grasp on its meaning then you will know the secret to a natural born citizen.

      • dancingrabbit

        correction thy children

  • Obama Lied

    guaranteed the people that did this are not republican voters

    • John

      Let the moronic statements fly.

    • Steven

      Yep, certainly not like the Republican voter Jerry Sandusky. (Oh, thats a fact btw)

      • Calvin

        Nambla is part of the big democratic tent.
        North American Man/Boy Love Association
        motto: Sex before eight or its too late.
        thank you democrats

      • Tom M

        So there are no Democratic pedophiles the eh???

      • David M

        Does Barny Frank ring a bell? Pimping out 17yr old boys.

    • Betty Barclay

      You are obviously a godless Democrat. Of course it was a low life Democrat – they are America’s parasites and have no morals or ethics. Now go back to your mother’s basement and lick that drool off your chin.



  • Craig

    Maybe if rich corporate republicans making 500 times the salary of the average worker hadn’t shipped millions of jobs to China and Mexico, the thief would of still been working?

    • lvh

      ur guy working on more “trade”agreements.let’s see what that brings

    • JLin

      Working? Is that what you call it?

      BTW 80% of all Wall Street political donations go to Democrats. The Republican boogeyman is a myth designed to scare babies like you into eating their Socialist peas.

    • Grammar Police

      Literacy check: “…would have”

    • kimdi01

      Jeff Immelt, head og General Elictric, that non-taxpaying entity, has shipped numerous jobs overseas. He just opened a new plant in China. Republican? Not on your life. Heads a committee for and close buddy with the President, the Liar-in-Chief Obama, who heads overseas himself rather than sit in Washington to do his job on cutting the deficit.

    • G lalo

      bill clinton is a republican?

      see…liberals depend on stupid, angery morons, like you, to keep them in power
      and boy…did you get taken



      • Jeff Callahan

        @Poorhardworker: Poor, it is the profligate spending on wars and 10 years of tax cuts without have a way to pay for the programs that is the problem.

        And within that desire to profit they kept moving the jobs overseas for businesses, through free trade deregulations, allowing them to make profits without having to pay workers who enjoy a higher standard of living in the US.

        Wall Street isn’t afraid of risking capital. That’s silly. That’s what investors do. They just want to cut their labor costs and make more profit, so they pay for legislation and lobbying to get what they want.

        Washington, hand in hand with Wall Street, is the crux of the plague that is killing the country and it’s standard of living now.

        The Conservatives want to go back to the gold standard because they know they and their cronies have all the gold, and they can dupe their base into going for it right now. So the speculators drive up the price of gold because they know there is a finite supply of it and they can have it all. But first they’ll eliminate all the social programs so they can rule the powerless and the penniless.

        Thank you. No applause, just throw flowers.

        Poor wrote: “And one question: You said “It isn’t the spending. That can always be paid for in many ways.” I would love to hear your solution to paying back 16 Trillion dollars.”

        I offer no solution. If I had a solution I could rule the world. I instead suggest you educate yourself on how penniless and indebted governments have raised capital in the past. One interesting study is how the impovrished and indebted Republic of Texas financed it’s capital and built the city of Austin, and built one of the wealthiest states in the nation. It’s a very enlightening read.

        Poor wrote: “And I wonder if our citizens are willing to pay the price for paying off our debit…to be come (sic) SOVEREIGN again! As long as you owe someone for something your didn’t have the cash to buy at the time….you are not free! I hope a dose of common sense is what everyone gets for Christmas!!”

        Paying the debt off completely would be a bad thing for the world. We would no longer need to sell Treasury Bonds, which are the safest investment on the planet. It would cause a catastrophe. Don’t take my word for it, research it for yourself. Common sense is never really that common, and often makes no sense at all at first glance.

        Poor wrote: “If we had elected honorable people to serve us then we would not be in this fix. These venial politicians took money from Corporations, Unions and Wall Street because they were greedy…and stupid! There was a price to pay for this “greasing” …something like “move the goal post for me”, I bet. And why do you think they are moving the goal post? Let me see…Nancy Pelosi’s New Worth increased by 62% since 2008; They are getting rich from greasing and insider trading on Wall Street.”

        An honorable politician is an oxymoron. Some may look the part, but you should be doubly suspicious of them.

        They take money from corporations, unions, and Wall Street because that is how the rigged system is set up. Changing the players won’t do anything and hasn’t for decades. That’s why things are the same. It’s time to change the rules of the game so they can’t cheat at it.

        And yes, they are all definitely getting rich from their inside deals and the whole system is a scam.

        But here’s the kicker: Both sides are equally guilty. The hateful people in this forum throwing insults, bombastic statements, and anger are either their shills or their dupes.

        We gotta get ’em all. ;)

      • Rhonda Tracey

        I am the 1% and you can’t have it… work for it… ha ha ha .. oh it takes about to your mid 40′s to really make it.. better get hoppin.. you are running out of time hippies and occupiers.. losers get out of our parks

      • Rhonda Tracey

        I am the 1% and you can’t have it… work for it… ha ha ha .. oh it takes about to your mid 40′s to really make it.. better get hoppin.. you are running out of time..

      • meesha4

        I’m in my 50’s Rhonda, and I learned a LONG time ago that I have to take care of MY OWN. When Johnson put Social Security Funds into the “general fund”, I was EDUCATED enougn to learn that the GUBMENT does NOT have any of its own money. If it doesn’t come from the PRIVATE SECTOR, there ARE no gubment jobs, there ARE NOT social funds. Unfortunately for this country, our children are educated by SOCIALISTS that are so clueless that they don’t understand where their paychecks, benefits, pensions, etc. come from.

      • Hog


      • Jeff Callahan

        No doubt man. Then we can all work 90 hour weeks, make as little as we want without the pesky minimum wage laws forcing our wages up unnecessarily, and we can put 10 year olds back in the factories! We don’t need health insurance, or holidays, time off, certainly no overtime pay. And all those pesky regulations get in the way too. Let’s get rid of those. No more OSHA inspections to make sure people and job sites are safe. All of those things that unions gave us are just obstructing our ability to compete with third world countries where grateful, smiling employees toll endlessly for a few cents a day. Unions are just killing happiness for everyone by wanting more and more for our greedy working class! Where does it end? Oh the horrors!

        If this continues one day those middle class folks might even demand a living wage. Can’t have that. Bust up the unions.

        Then we can be a good nation of corporate serfs.

    • Old Pro

      I din’t know that Bill Clinton was a republican. He is the boy that sent your jobs overseas.

      • Craig

        Old Pro have you followed the voting on the recent “free” trade agreements with Panama, Columbia, & Korea. The republicans voted for it, and the democrats voted against it. This will result in thousands of job losses in the U.S. just as NAFTA did. And, Obambam was all for this free trade agreement too. But the republicans are more than happy to play along. They were be far the majority vote on these latest free trade agreements.

      • John

        Yeah sure. More fluffy thinking from Republicans. If that was true, what stopped the millions of jobs from leaving during the eight years Bush was in office?? Exactly who do you think fills those planes every day to China from the US? Tourists??

    • Craig Dunce

      Craig, if you took all the money made by your “corporate republicans” (Ignoring all the Corporate Dems, like the CEO of no tax paid GE and other Obama friends, of course) and took all their money, you wouldn’t even make a dent in what this Government has run up in debt with reckless spending and entitlement (AKA buy votes) programs.
      It’s the spending and insane micro-managing regulations by our nanny state government that drive unemployment and job loss to less expensive work forces overseas.
      Sadly, as wild spending drives us further into debt and pushes more people into the unemployment line, the greater the level of anger and the greater the need to blame someone else…like “rich” people. We couldn’t possibly blame the idiots in Washington, could we, Craigy?

      • poorhardworker

        @Jeff Callahan: Jeff, it is the profligate spending without have a way to pay for the programs And withing that desire to spend they kept “moving the goal post” for businesses…making them uneasy about risking capital in the US. Washington is the crux of the plague that is killing the country know. The Federal Reserve thinks it’s playing with Monopoly Money…and it is because it is not backed by ANYTHING…fiat currency. So the FED drives down interest rates and prints to pay for more social programs…than an ever be paid for!!!

        And one question: You said “It isn’t the spending. That can always be paid for in many ways.” I would love to hear your solution to paying back 16 Trillion dollars. And I wonder if our citizens are willing to pay the price for paying off our debit…to be come SOVEREIGN again! As long as you owe someone for something your didn’t have the cash to buy at the time….you are not free! I hope a dose of common sense is what everyone gets for Christmas!!

        If we had elected honorable people to serve us then we would not be in this fix. These venial politicians took money from Corporations, Unions and Wall Street because they were greedy…and stupid! There was a price to pay for this “greasing” …something like “move the goal post for me”, I bet. And why do you think they are moving the goal post? Let me see…Nancy Pelosi’s New Worth increased by 62% since 2008; They are getting rich from greasing and insider trading on Wall Street.

      • Jeff Callahan

        Do you really believe you can blame the idiots in Washington without blaming the ones on Wall Street as well?

        It isn’t the spending. That can always be paid for in many ways.

        The problem is corruption. That implicates both Wall Street and D.C.

        Anyone who believes otherwise is either delusional or lying.

    • David

      Both parties support the “free trade” that has exported our jobs and bankrupted us. Treason is bipartisan.

    • Ron

      Would have or would’ve effing morons!!

    • TheMilkMan

      actually the top dogs at 99% of Wall Street are ultra left wing Democrats – I know, I worked there, it made me sick

    • bullrider

      You mean Obama’s Jobs Czar? The rich guy from GE who is shipping jobs to China? Is that who you mean? is it? Huh? I bet it is. It has to be. Sure.

      By the way, I am a working class Republican and I would not vote for a Democrat ever, ever again. I don’t need their ‘help’ which amounts to taking my money to buy votes and govt $$$ dependent citizens and non-citizens.

      Thank you, now you may buzz off.

      • Jeffrey Gower

        You forgot to mention that GE doesn’t pay taxes either.

      • Jeff Callahan

        @ bulllsh1tter: There is no such thing as a working-class Republican.

        Working class people who vote republican are simply confused democrats, and are running toward the wrong goal post.

  • Nonion

    Are you crazy?

    Look what happened to the mortgage industry when “credit and capital” was made available to all.

    I can’t wait to read your comments when a washing machine gets stolen.

    I have a feeling it be someone else’s fault as well.

    • Dave Mowers

      @ Nonion

      The greatest expansion of wealth in the history of the United States.

      Most number of millionaires minted in the history of the United States.

      Lowest unemployment numbers in the history of the United States.

      Housing market rally, stock market rally, bond market rally.


      • livinInTheUSA

        @Dave Mowers lowest unemployment? most new Millionaires? what color is the sky in your world there sparky?

    • Craig

      I’ve voted republican all my life. I even voted for Pat Buchanan in 2000. But, not more. Republicans don’t care one dime about the middle class and lower middle class. They would be happy if every last middle class job was shipped to China or Mexico or India. Voting democrat in 2012.

      • A.C.

        Do you know WHY jobs are being sent overseas? Because the US government has become OPENLY HOSTILE towards manufacturing in the last few years. This mostly manifests itself as environmental regulations and taxes. To survive, businesses have to move to countries where the taxes and regulations aren’t so onerous…and they take their jobs with them. It’s a global economy, and if a business can’t compete and flourish in the country it’s in, IT MOVES.

        So you see, the people you are going to vote for are the ones who are sending jobs overseas.


      • Trey

        You voted for Buchanan in 2000? That’s funny….Reagan ran in 2000. If you are going to lie, you should get your facts straight…

      • Brassia

        I really doubt you wre EVER a republican if you can repeat that lberal taking points and propagande. Liberals claim they are for middle class , spreading hate towards people who achieved success, however all of them are mulrimillionares and don’t mind being wealthy capitalists. They feed on hate, destruction and only intersted to get elected and buy votes no matter what it foes to our country and our society, can’t find the slimiest bunch!

      • erix

        So you think creating a socialist government is going to attract jobs? You’re a fraud!

      • Kingfish

        You might as well wash your sheet and hood, take up with the democratic clan, and keep your brothers down on the plantation, like you have for more than hundred years, now that’s taking care of the lower middle class for sure, you idiot.

      • Lonesome in Portland

        @durbustweed: When did you quit coloring your underwear? I even switched to yellow and brown markers and surprisingly, I still have no liuck with the ladies. I’m thinking Obama is stealing all the babes, he is sooo much the dude. That is why I always vote Democrat. They have the hot Wasserman babes and Weiner bo-hunks. Hey, wait…another thing missing from Barry’s past — ex-girlfriends and FEMALE com-pan-ion-ship. Just saying…

      • David b

        Liar Dem Probably paid to spam by Jones and or soros. Vote every dem out in 2012 your life depends on it.

      • dawnfire

        From Pat Buchanan to Obama? You’re clearly an idiot, who has no business voting for anyone.

      • Get Informed

        Voted Rep? Unlikely.
        So, what has gotten better since the mid-terms, when the country voted out Dems is historic numbers across all levels of government? “Shellacking”, in your hero Obama’s own words.
        What’s gotten better so that people would be motivated to vote a different way in 2012? The answer is of course, nothing. And before you even begin to say Reps would be happy hurting the middle class, the Rep House (Thank you voters in 2010!) please let us know why Harry Reed has tabled 19 bills passed by the House so far to HELP the middle class? The DEM controlled Senate hasn’t even opened anything to discussion. Reed tabled Obama’s own job bill, then the WH came out and blamed Reps. Apparently, you bought into that. The Dems had TOTAL control of all 3 houses for 2 years but couldn’t do anything about the Economy because they spent the entire time working on Obamacare, though poll after ignored poll sited the people saying “Fix the Economy First, then Healthcare!”. In over 1000 days the Dem controlled Senate hasn’t even put together a budget to vote on, a new record. However, they did vote against Obama’s budget by 97-0..not a single Dem for it.
        But,’re blaming it all on Reps and will now, for the first time, vote Dem in 2012. Well, there you have it folks..scary, isn’t it? Thank goodness the 2012 election will be Part 2 of the Midterm Purge. Anyone thinking it won’t must have seen something get better that the rest of the country has missed, or are in complete denial. Then again, the day before the Midterms, Criag was probably saying “The Dems are going to gain seats!”

      • Jenny

        You, voted republican all your life? Really? Nobody who speaks like you could have ever been conservative. If at anytime in this county’s history it’s time to vote Republican, it’s in 2012. You’re either a big liar or a kool-aid drinker.

      • durbustweeb

        I’ve lined my underwear in pink all my life. I even colored a pair with completely florescent markers in 2000. But, not more. Pink hasn’t done a thing for my looks. Not a single chick has dug me. They’d be happy with …

        The point is, you’re a poser with nothing to say. A fake. A fraud. A liar. You’ve never been a republican in your life and you know it as well as every other person reading this forum. Your trick is old, worn out and as believable as a talking duck.

      • durbustweeb

        Yawn. Poser.

      • bullrider

        You never voted Republican in your entire life. Don’t lie.

  • Mike

    Times are tough, and this is what happens when people get desperate. Its not even our fault we’re in this depression/rescission, please refer to the Federal Reserve and White House for the real criminals.

  • jim

    It appears the sacking of the United States has begun on all levels. Now the Droogs are on the loose beating old men on subway platforms and stealing historic artifacts while simultaneously demanding we (taxpayers) provide their every need.

    • Craig

      No, I don’t demand anything from you. I do demand that uppity elitist republican snobs such as yourself stop shipping all our middle class jobs to China, India and Mexico, so that I can work. I’m an electronics technicina, and I’ve worked in electronics manufacturing all my life. All those jobs are gone or else foreigners have come to the United States to set up shop and they hire only Asians. The republicans are all for this. I’m 55, and I’m voting democrat in 2012.

      • jim

        Craig, sorry you find yourself in such a position.

        I recommend that as you get ready to vote, you write the White House. Mr Immelt, GE CEO and President Obama’s job czar just recently moved a few thousand jobs to China. Just google “Job Czar Funnels Jobs to China”

        Just in case you were not aware, Droogs are neither Democrats or Republicans. Droogs are the name of a group of characters in the movie, “A Clockwork Orange”.

        Lastly, my wife is a teacher and I am a computer technician who didn’t know hardware from software two years ago. I’m in my mid fifties also.

      • Condor30303

        “Your jobs?” Golly I thought the jobs belonged to the businesses that incur the risks, pay the salaries, and give returns to investors. If we’d only known they your “your jobs” we would have never gone overseas to escape this Government’s confiscatory taxes and strangling regulations.

      • Susan

        Oh good golly! As long as Americans buy into the idea of D’s and R’a, one is good one is bad bull we will never stand a chance of bringing our country back. My gosh, Clinton signed NAFTA! Bush supported it, and now more jobs than ever are going overseas. BOTH sides are responsible!
        I guess it was the R;s that during the CARTER admin sent the jobs over seas? Thats when it all really started, during CARTER (D) and it has gotten worse under both Ds and Rs. Read a book sometime!

      • SimpleFacts

        The reason the jobs went overseas, a$$bucket, is that the “progressives” and unions have raised the cost of American wages to an indecent level. A living wage, right? Why not $50 and hour? Why not unlimited health and other benefits? Of course, that would necessarily raise the cost of manufacture/distribution/sales and the consumer would have to pay. No big deal, right? Just increase the wages and….

      • Brett Passmore

        Quit blaming others and learn a new trade. You got 20 years or more of work left in you. Get off your ass and make something of yourself. Do something that your kids can be proud of. Trust me, complaining that all your problems are someone else’s fault is not it.

      • Superpower

        Craig, why don’t you start your own business instead of whining about not being handed a job?

      • lvh

        Do u really know who the elites are? better research.

    • AtlasObjectivist

      Welcome to the liberal paradise of Obama World.

      • Jeff Callahan

        Condor30303 wrote:

        “Your jobs?” Golly I thought the jobs belonged to the businesses that incur the risks, pay the salaries, and give returns to investors. If we’d only known they your “your jobs” we would have never gone overseas to escape this Government’s confiscatory taxes and strangling regulations.

        “Your country”? If you’re going to live here, base your company here, enjoy the benefits of our society, be protected by our military, be healed in our hospitals, drive on our roads, trade in our currency, profit here, prosper here, and build wealth here then you are going to have to create jobs and pay taxes here.

        If you don’t want to pay your taxes here you should have your company confiscated, your assets frozen, your executives jailed, and your board members sued – just as if your company owed child support and didn’t want to pay up. Corporations are people too, right?

        If there’s so much more money to be made by taking the jobs overseas, please go with them! GTFO! Don’t hide over here where it is safe and cozy and you can buy the government. Go live in East Timor where the labor is good and cheap and the regulators are far cheaper to bribe than ours.

      • Brassia

        The jobs and companies ares hipped overseas because of the highest corporate tax in the worls as well, as buisness killing EPA policies make it impossible to conduct the buisness in USA…and Obamascare with ever escalating health costs premiums causing additional havoc….
        And for all of that we can thank Mulim in WH , his Czars and the rest of liberal morons.
        And it isn’t name calling- when one is calling a spade a spade.

      • Craig

        I’m really surprised at your republicans and the name calling. I thought only democrats called people vile names and mocked republicans too. It wasn’t the unions–they are only 10% of the workforce. What about the other 90% who are non-union that also had their jobs shipped to China and Mexico? Those guys making an ourtagesous 20K/year, 30/year, or even 35K/year? They all had their non-union jobs shipped to China too. But your 85K/year office jobs remained in the U.S. I guess your salaries and jobs were just too important to the American economy to not be shipped to China?

      • David M

        Like zombies instead of brains they want free hand outs.

    • Jeff Callahan

      The sacking of the US happened when Congress and Wall Street Banksters got together to steal trillions of dollars and rig the financial and political system to only benefit the powerful and the wealthy.

      Now the “droogs” want a tax holiday. Bet they get it too.

      Of course if they were an individual and owed say, child support, they would go to jail for not paying up, rather than negotiating for a holiday.

      I think we should start seizing the assets of companies who hide wealth offshore to avoid paying taxes. Then we should imprison their boards and executives. After all, corporations are people too, and people go to jail when they try to cheat the system.

      You’re complaining over pikers trying to make enough money to eat.

      If you don’t like paying taxes, just move to someplace in the world where there aren’t any! ;)

      • Brassia

        That is a long shut to blame republicans for job loss- wat about the pipeline from Canada? EPA regulations, Environmentalists wackos-they are all liberals…and of course mexicans would vote democratic, that is where they get food stamps, public assistance, free medical (sorry, not really free- the resat of us are paying!).
        As far as democratic party is concerned- they are taking measures to prevent any information on Obama’s past to come out after he leave soffice because it it comes out and the fact that he wasn’t vetted by his own party will be a death sentence for democrats. read the book ” The secret life of Barak Husein Obama”- and it will be obvious why Obama is so motivated to destroy all he hold dear.

      • anti-Craig

        Craig, I understand how Mexicans pouring across the border harms America, but how does that necessarily harm the Republican party? They aren’t voting illegally are they? Are they?
        BTW, if the motor-voter law encourages voter registration while getting your driver’s license, then why is it such a burden to show that very same driver’s license as proof of identification to vote?

      • @Craig

        Its sad to say you are probably right. The Republican party in nothing more than a shell of itself. In my day the seemed so strong. The last few years i have been voting democrat. One only need to take a look at the current republican candidates to figure out why. Even on this board they are spiteful and mean.

        I dont use the internet often, but i can no longer stand any of these comments. It makes me sick to see my party degrading itself like this.

      • Craig

        I think the republican party is finished. The party may have represented the middle class at one time, but now they are a party only interested in elitist like themsleves. 70% of Mexicans vote democratic, and there are over a million of them coming each year. The middle class continues to shrink with 25 million people unemployed. You think these people are fully aware many of their jobs have been shipped to China and Mexico by the rich corporate elites–most of whom I would guess are republicans. As more and more jobs are shipped to China and more and more Mexicans pour in, the republican party will clease to exist in its current form. And we are sure to be destroyed (financially) with the democratic party in charge. We need a new “middle class” party in America before it is too late.

  • Dave is Sad

    So Dave, you’re saying no one would be lazy if they had the same access to credit and capital? There would be no crime, because inside everyone wants to work hard to earn their living, they just need the same access as others to be able to do so? You’re saying everyone would suddenly work hard? Everyone, Dave? NO criminals?

    • Dave Mowers

      Yes, I am saying that. Continue spreading your message of hate and jealousy it working, just look at all the great things happening daily.

    • Jeff Callahan

      Nah. The criminals would still get elected or become bosses. They always do.

      • John Frost

        The SWORD is in the hands of the Taliban. Obama gave it to them.

  • Liz rowley

    Your a moron Dave. If you worked for anything in your life you would not be complaining about banks. I am sick you of you pathetic whiners.
    The bank excuse is what all lazy$$ DAVEs use for there lack of intelligence and skill. stay at a job long enough and actually contribute instead of always asking yourself how can I game the system for ME. If your a valuable employee you would get compensated but your nothing but a cry baby. You should actually be thanking your bank for providing you with services to save money, buy a house. And open business that provide you with food clothing and cars. GROW UP PUKE

    • Dave Mowers

      @Liz rowley

      Attack anything that makes real sense, attack anyone who wants democracy to work as it was intended by the Founding Fathers. That is all you know, how to try to belittle and to harass and libel others. Your a real hero to America.

    • Jeff Callahan

      “there” (sic) lack of intelligence and skill.

      followed by

      If “your” (sic) a valuable employee….but “your” (sic) nothing but a cry baby.

      Keep showing us your intelligence and skill Liz. It’s hilarious!


    • John Conyne

      My, my….such an angry little rightie! Contraction-challenged, too!

      • lvh

        and because u and those of ur ilk ae why they exist. contradiction is the game of the dems…the top “guy” included. players all.

  • CT Yankee

    I assume that you are either admitting your guilt or are part of the 1%. Why haven’t all 99% turned to crime?

    Show a history of personal responsibilty to your debt and develop an idea for a marketable product or service and your will receive access to capital. Oh, and it will be the 1% that will invest in you.

    • Dave Mowers

      @CT Yankee

      Y A WWWW NNNN……but it is OK with you apparently that the 1% of society gets bailed out when they make poor business decisions that bankrupt their companies. Yeah, I guess you argument makes sense if you’re already rich or directly benefiting from a rigged financial system. Try working for a living instead of living off my labor and crying all the time about crime from poor people.


    • Rich Pope

      I’m part of the one percent. I’m proud of it. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

    • BobbyONJ

      Spot on with your last sentence.

  • Susan

    You are so misinformed its scary. The Federal Reserve is not a federally owned bank, its is a private bank. We do however need to strip it of its power to print money. They print money with no gold to back it. Our criminal politicians then agree to give them interest on this worthless paper.

    Remember, the banks can’t get away with anything the politicians don’t agree to.

  • Moron alert

    Sorry genius, this is what happens when you genius’s like you vote for empty slogans and platitudes.

    • Jerry Frey

      SORRY GENIUS…”the Federal Reserve System, a private corporation registered in the state of Delaware”… “Bailout Nation” p.14

      For the FACTS

      pls visit:

    • Jeff Callahan

      You mean like “it’s morning again in America”, or “Kinder, gentler nation”, or maybe “Read my lips, no new taxes!” or how about “compassionate conservatism”. That was a good one!

      My favorite is from the year of my birth though. “Nixon’s The One”.


    […] (Main headline, 1st story, link) […]

  • Harry

    Sounds like what happened to the Roman Empire in its dying days also, people would be looting stones from the aquaduct until it was no longer usable

  • BACK PAGE NEWS (open to all to post articles) - Page 521

    […] […]

  • David Heath

    I understand that Bill O’Reilly is suspected of involvement.


    wanna go back to slavery? weren’t folks living in poverty then. they had food, clothes, and shelter for free just like a government handout, welfare, or “redistribution’.

    • Jeff Callahan

      Slaves are property and therefore have value. They have to be maintained, cared for, fed, their medical needs addressed, housed.

      Wage-slaves require no such things. You lose one you just replace it.

      Which government handouts, welfare, and redistribution were you referring to RUFUS LEVIN? The tax breaks to the rich and powerful maybe? The bailouts to the corporations? The huge government contracts?

      Surely you didn’t mean my grandma and her $650 SS check? o.O

      Even food stamps are corporate welfare. Corporate farms and grocers, shippers and packers being the main beneficiaries.

      But I suppose little Rufus in da hood with an ice cream in his hand that his momma bought with an EBT card is wrecking the country, don’tcha?

    • dancingrabbit

      Read the slave narratives…they were happy.

      • Jeff Callahan

        Perhaps you would like to be one. Would you be happy?

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