Passengers See Red On Greyhound

A Greyhound bus driver who left her passengers stranded at a south Missouri truck stop is due to be disciplined soon.

The driver was on the Memphis to St. Louis run Friday when she stopped her bus near Sikeston and got off, locking her 45 passengers inside.

The passengers reached for their cell phones and called 9-1-1.

State troopers arrived and ordered the driver to get back on the bus and drive.  She did, but this time she went the wrong way.

The driver made a U-turn and drove south to the Charleston, Missouri truck stop where she got out and left again.  This time, the passengers say she never returned.

The passengers, stuck on a bus without a driver, called Greyhound which sent another driver.

The passengers spent the night on the bus waiting for the new driver.

The Memphis Greyhound finally rolled into St. Louis ten hours late Saturday.  Greyhound promises the passengers a refund and says the driver will get what the company calls “significant” disciplinary action.

— Bob Hamilton, KMOX News

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    […] The driver apparently resumed driving but headed to Charleston instead of St. Louis. She once again parked the bus. This time she simply left. […]

  • antspec

    Fire the bus driver! As long as any passenger does not “physically” interfere with a bus driver’s ability to drive the bus to its destination, the bus driver should not have done such a thing. The company doesn’t need to deal with the driver’s irresponsible behavior and bad judgement. I would definitely FIRE this person.

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