Horse Slaughterhouses Could Be Coming To Missouri

Brian Kelly

(KMOX)-Thanks to a provision slipped into a federal spending bill signed into law last month, we could again see horses butchered for human consumption in the US, including in Missouri.

The provision lifted a five-year ban on horse meat inspections which could mean slaughterhouses could be up and running in less than a month.

Missouri Republican Senator Roy Blunt is okay with that, “I have never been a believer in the idea that the only way to end a horse’s life is to let it die a slow death on somebody’s property.

“Horse slaughter is an appropriate way for some horse owners to decide that it’s time for that horse’s life to be ended in frankly a much better way that some horses are dying today.”

But Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill says there are more humane ways to dispose of horses, “I watched a horse be buried on the farm after it was shot when it was no longer a horse that was healthy enough and it was infirmed. So I think there are ways to have humane disposal of horses.”

McCaskill says horses are not cattle, “I am not aware of the raising and developing of horses for human consumption as a major economic part of our agribusiness world.”

Illinois has banned slaughtering horses for human consumption, Missouri has not.

Most of the meat produced by slaughterhouses would be shipped to Europe and Asia.

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