John Hancock: Roundtable, Unemployment Numbers, Presidential Endorsement, Local and National Political Update

John Hancock hosts a roundtable discussion with St. Louis Alderman Antonio French, Political reporter Jo Mannies, and the Show Me Institute’s Rick Edlund.

How do we interpret the new unemployment numbers and what impact might the payroll tax reduction issue have on us? James Sherk with the Heritage Foundation shares his insight.

Former Missouri Senator John Danforth announces that he is endorsing Mitt Romney for the GOP Presidential nomination.

UMSL Political Scientist Dave Robertson talks to John about the latest national and state political news.

  • Media Coverage: December 2011 | UMSL Daily

    […] David Robertson, professor of political science, discussed how the national and local political races are shaping up on the Dec. 15 episode of “St. Louis on the Air” on St. Louis Public Radio | 90.7 KWMU. Robertson discussed the biggest headlines from 2011 on the Dec. 27 episode of “St. Louis on the Air” on St. Louis Public Radio | 90.7 KWMU. Robertson was part of a roundtable discussion that aired Dec. 2 on KMOX (1120 AM). […]

  • Zeeshan

    I’m new to your blog-I discovered you via your Spankx post and have been hkeood ever since. This Baller post was no exception. Hi.lar.ious. Truly! I went back and read all the posts in this series. Now, I’m uber educated AND have a new appreciation for history. You rule.[]

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