The Mark Reardon Show: Cardinals Honored At White House, Saving America: Now or Never, America Spending

The Cardinals attend a special White House Ceremony hosted by First Lady Michelle Obama and President Barrack Obama to honor their 2011 World Series Championship.

South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint on his new book, “Now or Never: Saving America From Economic Collapse.”

Princeton’s Sheldon Garon on his new book, “Beyond Our Means: Why America Spends While the World Saves.”

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  • Jim Eschenbrenner


    Did it seem odd that Charlie Dooley traveled with the Cardinal party that met with the President at the White House today? This seem especially odd considering St. Louis County’s current economic difficulties (proposals to shut down county parks, cut back on snow removal efforts, etc.).

    How much did it cost for Mr. Dooley to make the trip to Washington and did the citizens of St. Louis County foot the bill? If so, as a St. Louis County taxpayer, I’m not happy with that at all.

    Thanks for listening.

    Jim Eschenbrenner
    Ballwin, MO

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