Democratic Chairman Denies Conflict in Treasurer’s Race

ST. LOUIS–(KMOX)–The Chairman of the city’s Democratic Central Committee — Brian Wahby — is refusing to give up his post while he runs for office of city treasurer.

“I think it’s a phoney controversy,” Wahby said, responding to allegations that his committee chairmanship gives him an inside edge over opponents in five-way race for treasurer.

Alderman Fred Wessels and Alderman Jeffery Boyd are among those in the race calling for Wahby to step down as committee chair.

“It makes no sense that you would go through an opponent to get voter information,” Boyd said, “That’s just crazy. Shame on the Democratic Party for even suggesting that.”

Wahby is shrugging off the flap, vowing not to meddle with or hinder his opponents searching for voter data through his office.

“Certainly, I would make information available to any Democrat running for office,” Wahby said.

If elected, Wahby says he wants to bring reform to the treasurer’s office. “Open the shades, turn on the lights, create some transparency ,” Wahby said, “But then really use the office to generate revenue to support the taxpayers of the city.”

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