Gas Generators Can Kill

Maria Keena
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Getty/Wathia Khuzale

Getty/Wathia Khuzale

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ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - “You can’t see it, taste it, or smell it, but it’s there. You’ve got to be very careful,” says St. Louis Fire Chief Dennis Jenkerson about the hazards of carbon monoxide.

This  weekend’s carbon monoxide related death of a north St. Louis woman has fire officials sounding a warning signal. Chief Jenkerson says the death of 34-year old Delphine Gray could have been prevented, “This family resorted to using a gasoline powered generator, which they brought inside for whatever reason. Normally people bring them inside because they don’t want to leave them out to get stolen.”

Jenkerson says gasoline powered generators produce carbon monoxide, “This is a poisonous gas. This is what affected the four adults and thirteen kids in this house.” He says carbon monoxide is odorless and tasteless, “Your body has an affinity for carbon monoxide. In other words it will take up the carbon monoxide before it takes up oxygen.”

Public health officials warn gas generators should never be used inside homes.

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