Casa Gallardo Restaurants Closed

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — The last four Casa Gallardo locations closed suddenly Thursday, just before the dinner rush. According to a spokesman for Real Mex Restaurants Inc. all Casa Gallardo restaurants are closed indefinitely.

Sixteen full-time store managers and 200 part-time servers and cooks were informed of the decision yesterday. Real Mex Restaurants Inc. says some employees will have the chance to transfer to area Chevy’s restaurants.

The California company which now owns the chain had been trying to sell the Westport, Bridgeton, South County and Fairview Heights locations.

The Casa Gallardo was founded by a St. Louisan in 1975.

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  • Casa Gallardo Closed For Good

    […] The reason they closed their doors? The economy. Unfortunately, over 200 employees lost their jobs. The company that owned Casa Gallardo, Real Mex, also, owns Chevy’s and some of the employees may be relocated to Chevy’s. You can read more about the closure here. […]

  • Ed Golterman

    Another ‘national’ abandoning St. Louis-six restaurants in 2 days (Monarch and Five Guys). And your convention hotel up for auction for a nickel on the dollar, if there are any bidders. So much for your sports town. Wit the incessant noise about politics on your 50,000 may be a little attention to the economy would be good use of air time. If you dont know the topic, get someone in who does.

  • Steve

    This is a little off topic, but the first Mexican food I had was at a Casa Gallardo in Merrilville, IN in around 1982 when I was six. I just thought of it today for some reason only to find out that it still existed, but that it’s now gone. Weird. I miss that approximation of Mexican food.

  • Dan

    I couldn’t be more glad, their food was vile and expensive. Me and my ex-fiance ordered there and all I got was a “burrito” filled with just sour cream and she got a chalupa that had to have been filled with canned dog food. Driving out of the restaurant there were 8 people smoking outside.

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