Overnight America: Ed Bark, JoAnne Fowler

Television critic Ed Bark of UncleBarky.com joins us, as he does every Friday morning, to discuss the week in television including the return of Mad Men, Ashley Judd, Luck and more.

Our other Friday favorite, People Magazine staff editor JoAnne Fowler, stops by the show to talk all things celebrity including The Hunger Games, Bobbi Kristina, the Bachelor, and more.

Former Idol winner Ruben Studdard joins us to discuss his career and latest ventures, including “Letters From Birmingham.”

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  • ais

    I’m sorry but I have to say this. I find it pathetic that MJ’s nosecd part is apparently needing moderator approval when he’s actually discussing the game, intelligently speaking opinion, but these two clows db and sparky can have a back-and-forth chat about coffee and what kind of coffee they want when it’s completely off topic but that apparently doesn’t need approval. The first line in the Commenting Rules’ is Keep the conversation civil and on topic . Good to see you guys hold to that. Well written, MJ

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