Party Central Committee Member Reacts To St. Charles Caucus Chaos

Brian Kelly

ST. CHARLES, Mo (KMOX)-A member of the St. Charles County Republican Central Committee says he’s not surprised Saturday’s caucus turned into chaos, with two arrests and no delegates being elected.

Jon Bennett tells KMOX that while they’ll deny it, supporters of Ron Paul and Mitt Romney were planning to take over the caucus, and divide all the delegates between their two candidates.

Bennett says the rules they objected to, including electing a caucus chair without opposition, were designed to prevent that from happening, “A lot of the rules that were put in place were put in place in order to maintain a fair caucus, and some people didn’t want a fair caucus.”

After the election, many in the crowd shouted their objection, prompting party officials to call in additional police officers for crowd control. They then adjourned the caucus.

Bennett calls it “pure politics” and “an unfortunate nature of the beast. As for those upset with the committee, “They’re crying foul now saying they were shut out the process, but the fact of the matter is they were beaten at their own game. They got shut out of being able to shut everyone else out of the process.”

So with no delegates selected, County Central Committee Chair Eugene Dokes is discussing where to go from here, with state GOP officials.

Bennett says after seeing what happened Saturday,  he’s fine if they don’t send any delegates to the congressional district caucuses in April.


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