“Cavalia” a Sensational, Aesthetically Joyful Show

Harry Hamm
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It is likely you have never seen anything quite like “Cavalia.” Created in 2003 by an originator of Cirque du Soleil, the show has traveled internationally celebrating the bond between horses and humans. It is a magnificent display of equestrian elegance and strength, full of color, grace and thrills.

aerial cavalia1 Cavalia a Sensational, Aesthetically Joyful Show

Done in two acts beneath a giant tent that seats around 700 people (and there’s not a bad seat in the house) “Cavalia” features a long oval dirt track that allows the over 40 horses of various breeds in the show to run fast and free. The human cast of over 30 performers feature expert horse riders and trainers who do a beautiful job of displaying various dressage displays. There are also aerial artists and various acrobats and tumblers who are worked in beautifully with the show’s overall theme. There is also a 7 piece orchestra and a primary female vocalist.

cav rider Cavalia a Sensational, Aesthetically Joyful Show

There are several displays of Roman riding that are positively breathtaking and dangerous. On numerous occasions, the horses run through the staging area with a speed and acceleration that is truly thrilling to witness.

cavalia articlelarge Cavalia a Sensational, Aesthetically Joyful Show

But in the end, “Cavalia” is about a bond, the bond between the people of this show and their charges which is obviously built on equal measures of professionalism and genuine love of the art and the horses.

cavalia Cavalia a Sensational, Aesthetically Joyful Show

“Cavalia” will be in St. Louis through April 8th. There may be an extension of the show’s dates because of a good demand for tickets. Ticket prices start at $34.50 and go up to $189.50, with the two top ticket price ranges featuring special packages that allow stable visits and access to a VIP lounge before, during and after the show.

cav stl Cavalia a Sensational, Aesthetically Joyful Show

The show is set up just south of Busch Stadium on Cerre Street. You can’t miss the large, white main tent. There is free parking for ticket holders.

cavalia 3 Cavalia a Sensational, Aesthetically Joyful Show

It is grand that such an elegant and inventive show has come to downtown St. Louis. Admittedly, the more you are a lover of the equestrian arts, the more you will enjoy this show. But regardless, “Cavalia” is a singular event, the likes of which you might never see again.


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