Harry Hamm: The Hunger Games

Now the 5th all-time highest grossing movie in box office history on opening weekend, The Hunger Games begins what Harry Hamm believes to be another saga of films based off a popular book.  Starring Academy Award nominee Jennifer Lawrence, see what Harry thinks about the futuristic flick and if you should read the book first.

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  • Olaniyi

    Adam should no way be creeidnosd for the all stars. Other than screaming once in a while and liking 90210 there isn’t much he did that was extraordinary. It cracks me up when people don’t when anything until the very end. It’s much easier to win when you’re playing against 3 other people verses 12. It’s called odds. If you’re battling against more people, the win is more respectable than if you’re just going against 2.Rachael earned it for sure! She earned my respect. I couldn’t stand her at first but she redeamed herself.

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